Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Legacy

As I mentioned in my previous post, since arriving here in Brazil I have been getting my home in order.  I am throwing out the old, things we not longer have use for, and I am making room for the new and for some very special treasures.  Here are some of the things I was able to bring back this trip (we were allowed 6 suitcases)!

My dear Grandma Bookout passed away last November (I wrote about her here), and while visiting the USA I was able to choose a few little keepsakes from her home. I always thought this antique globe bank was so neat!  Always a reminder to me of God's calling on my life to "...go into all the world and make disciples..."

My Grandma Bookout always kept crayons inside this vintage tin for my sisters and I to color with whenever we came over to her house.  I decided to carry on the tradition.

I have this cute necklace holder in Sophia's room to help organize her hair-bows and fun play jewelry.

This hung on the wall at my Grandma's house and it always spoke to me and challenged me to offer my life as an offering to the Lord.

Sophia choose this!  Sophia absolutely LOVES Christmas so when she saw this at Grandma Bookout's house, she wanted it. One day Sophia can put it on display in her own home.

When my other grandmother (my mom's mother - whom we lovingly called Granny D),  passed away a few years ago, my mom saved a few special things for me as well.  This trip I was finally able to bring back a few keepsakes from Granny D too.

These praying hands actually once belonged to my great-grandfather.  Since I was a child I have loved this piece.  It always set right on top of my grandparents coffee table.

 My mom's parents were married for over 60 years and they had this cute little couple's calendar filled with scriptures and quotes about love.

I was able to bring this red afghan made especially for me by my Granny D.  Sophia now loves to carry it around the house and play with it.

The last treasure I want to share was given to me (by Jessie's namesake) the Christmas before the tragedy of September 11th.  This classic snow globe shows the Twin Towers still in the New York skyline.   This is such a rare and unique treasure!  A collector's item I am sure!

I love to see these special things in my own home. 
I am reminded of many things...
First, I am reminded of people I love and who have blessed my life beyond words.  I am also reminded to pray, to offer my life to the Lord as a gift, to be thankful for endless blessings that fill my life, to love and cherish my husband and my family... These are sentimental treasures that carry deep meaning.

Just the other day I went outside to sit alone, to clear my head, pour out my heart, pray and read God's love letter to us, His Word.  I love to find a quiet spot outside and have time with the Lord like this.  It was a windy and chilly day (it is winter here) so I ran back to the house and grabbed the red afghan Granny D made for me.  I wrapped it around me and returned to my spot overlooking the city of Belo Horizonte.

  As I sat with the blanket hugging me, I prayed and was reminded of the love and care my grandmother put into making the blanket specifically for me.  Even though she has passed away, years later I am using this blanket and she is still showing me her love. The fruit of her hands is continuing to bless me.

I then looked down and saw my Grandma Bookout's wedding ring sitting right there on my left hand.  I smiled and spoke a prayer of praise and thanks as I realized both my grandmothers were touching and blessing my life at that exact moment.  I love this!  Touches of both my grandmothers' lives meeting my life in the here and now.  They are with the Lord, but their memory, their love, their faith in God, who they were carries on.  Their legacy touches me even now....

As I meditate on this, it has become my prayer that I can leave a legacy to my children, my future grandchildren, and also my spiritual children - the precious kids I have worked with here in Brazil.


Yes, I will probably leave a few keepsakes to my children one day, but MUCH more importantly I desire to leave a legacy of love, of faith in Jesus Christ, and of trust in a faithful Father, just as my grandmothers did.  Even though I hope to have MANY MANY more years here on earth, my life TODAY will determine the kind of legacy I will one day leave behind. I want to keep this in the front of my mind every single day.

As I was writing this post, the chorus of this song began to play in my heart.

  I want to leave a legacy.
How will they remember me?
 Did I choose to love?
Did I point to You enough to make a mark on things?
  I want to leave an offering... 
A child of mercy and grace who blessed Your Name unapologetically,
and leave that kind of legacy.

These treasures displayed in my cozy little house will remind me.  As I see them daily I am challenged to live fully, with purpose, with love, choosing Christ and to live like their is no tomorrow.  

Because I want to leave a legacy...


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  1. Beautiful posting, Laura. Brought tears to my eyes as I AM a grandmother and I want to leave a Jesus legacy to Dylan and Shayna Prace, my grandchildren.