Monday, June 17, 2013

Help the Matias Family Buy a Car?

An unexpected opportunity has fallen into our laps...  
This opportunity came out of the blue and has presented itself to us.  One of our friends, who is a missionary here in Belo Horizonte, is selling her car at a good price! 

Another missionary friend of ours told us about this car being for sale and strongly recommended it to us.  He actually wanted to purchase the car himself, but did not have the money.  He thought of our family and told us about it, hoping we could take advantage of this great opportunity.

We actually have been praying about purchasing a car for quite a while, but we were waiting on God, with content hearts, for the perfect timing.  We were surprised when this opportunity presented itself so soon.

All this being said, we have the opportunity to buy a family car for around $4,700, from someone very honest and dependable. This is a huge plus in our eyes, as we feel much more peace about buying a car from someone we know and trust 100%, rather than from a complete stranger.

Having a car would be a huge blessing to us! 
As a family of four, it is becoming more and more challenging to get around town to do simple things.  Walking, taking a city bus or catching a taxi is quite challenging with two little ones, especially if I (Laura) am by myself.  
To get to church on Sunday mornings by bus is an adventure in itself!   It takes us at least an hour and half, which includes walking about a mile carrying the girls, waiting at a bus stop, and then traveling by bus -and that is just getting to the church! After church we have to make the trip back home too.  By car it would take us a quick 20 minutes to get to church!

Sometimes we are able to borrow the ministry VW van, but currently there are more drivers at the ministry house where we live (the Lighthouse Community Center), so it is becoming more and more challenging to borrow the van.  Ministry also takes priority, so we do not like to borrow the van if we know it is needed for important ministry purposes.

Having a car would be super helpful to us personally and also a blessing to our ministry.  We could use the car to more easily participate in meetings and work related activities, and also assist in transporting other missionaries as well.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us buy a family car?

We had hoped to save a little more money ourselves before attempting to buy a car, but this opportunity really seems to be from the Lord.  Any donation, no matter the size, will help us reach our goal of purchasing this car.  For info on how to donate just click HERE.

Thank you for your prayers and consideration!  We will keep you up to date on what happens. Pray for us!

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