Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15th - Our Day in Photos

 7:15 -  Felipe and Sophia left for school.  Sophia went to preschool and Felipe went to his first day of staffing the Community Center focused Discipleship Training School (DTS).  It is being held at another YWAM ministry house called the Rock House, which is located in another neighborhood in the city.

7:45 - Jessie and I were having some quality time together, just us two.  We watched a little of a Baby Sign Language video, as I am starting to teach Jessie baby sign language!

8:15 - Intercession time at the Lighthouse. 

9:00 - Jessie and I went to clean up some decorations from a surprise birthday party we had here at the Lighthouse over the weekend.

9:45 - Felipe was at the Rock House working with the DTS.  He ended up translating the first day of class.

10:00 - Jessie napped and I was able to respond to a few emails and clean a little.

 11:00 - Jessie and I walked to pick up Sophia from her preschool.  Now that Felipe is gone most of the day with the car, we are walking to pick Sophia up and then returning home by bus.

11:35 - Back home already.  We made a quick stop at the fruit shop on the way home.

11:45 - A quick fruit snack before lunch!

12:00 - Lunchtime! My friend Andreia was helping me feed Jessie.

12:45 - Making artwork! Sophia was enjoying playing together with Annelieke, who is from Holland and is serving as a volunteer here at the Lighthouse.  Although Anneliekeis from Holland, she actually spent 10 years of her life living in Brazil.  Her parents served as the leaders of the Lighthouse for many years (before I came to work at the Lighthouse), and they really invested a lot in Felipe and mentored him during their time in Brazil.  It is great to have Annelieke here visiting us!

2:00 - Jessie was settled down for her afternoon nap and Sophia was having a quiet/rest time too, so I could have some quiet time myself. I am REALLY enjoying the Beth Moore Breaking Free Bible study. 

3:30 - A few ladies practiced some dances for an up coming children's outreach.  Sophia enjoyed watching them dance. 

Sophia and her friend Sara Joy, another missionary kid.  These girls love each other and spent a good part of the afternoon playing together.

5:30 - I received a super special visit from a friend from the USA. This is Katherine and we did our DTS together at YWAM Denver back in 2005.  She is on a trip, traveling the world, and has already traveled through Asia and Africa!  Read her blog HERE and watch a video about her HERE.  She is spending a few days in Belo Horizonte.

After this we got so busy talking and enjoying our time together, we forgot to take photos! 

Hope you had a great Monday!  
This is just a little taste of our lives in Brazil...

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