Monday, July 1, 2013

New Car and New Preschool

We have some exciting stuff going on in our family!

First, we want to share the good news that we were able to buy the car, that we shared about just a few weeks ago.
We now have a family car!

  What a blessing!
Felipe has already driven it several times to help out the ministry here at YWAM Belo Horizonte.

Thanks to those who prayed with us about this or gave a donation towards the car.  With some money we had in savings plus some money we borrowed from my parents (who were so generous to help),  we were able to purchase the car and take advantage of this great opportunity.   We can gradually pay my parents back, and soon we hope to have our "special car loan" (from my parents) paid off completely.  If you still would like to help us pay for the car by giving an offering, we would totally appreciate it.  Thank you!

We also shared a little while back about how we were praying about enrolling Sophia (for a few days a week) at a nearby preschool.  Today was Sophia's first day and she LOVED it!!!

We have been preparing Sophia for preschool for a few weeks now, but today when Sophia arrived there she got really serious and a little nervous.  However, she confidently put on her backpack (like Dora), walked into the school gate and was ready to tell us goodbye.  She really wants to go to school!  Sophia had a great first morning and is eager to go back.  My baby girl is growing up!

We are excited for Sophia to have this experience so that she can improve her Portuguese skills and have more interaction with other children her age. We are also SUPER thankful for the dear person who wants to help us pay half of Sophia's monthly preschool fees.  God continues to amaze us with the way He provides for every need and desire we have.

As a family in missions, it seems there are constantly needs and expenses yet God provides and shows Himself to us through you - our supporters.  Thank you for your prayers, messages of encouragement and the financial gifts that literally meet our needs and pay for our daily bread. 
We are thankful for your partnership with us as a family serving in missions!

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