Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Skating Group

A skating group is starting up here at the
Lighthouse Community Center!

The past few Saturdays children have been coming to the Lighthouse to roll around on skateboards and roller blades.  Salome, a missionary from Australia, is leading up the skating ministry.  Salome held these special Saturday skating sessions to pique the interest of the kids and to see which kids would be serious about learning to skate.  Soon Salome is starting up her skater group, which will meet twice a week, with the aim of teaching the kids skating skills while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

The kids LOVE skating, as you can see in these photos that Felipe recently took!

Here is a shot of Salome skating at a nearby skating park.  Please be in prayer for her as she heads up this group and also please pray for the kids who will be participating.  All of the kids are from the slum and many of them come from harsh realities.  An opportunity to participate in a program like this one is so good for these children.  May the kids encounter the love of God, as they learn of Him as they learn to skate! 

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  1. WOW, Laura! This looks like so much fun for those sweet kids. Thanks for sharing! = )