Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Washing Clothes

At the moment my washer is chugging away, washing the clothes of an 11 year old boy, named Jonathan, and his grandmother. They live here in the slum and are going through a really difficult time, with little resources and few friends or family to help them.

Jonathan today during an activity at the Lighthouse.

Jonathan´s mother is in prison and no one knows where his father is.  Jonathan actually spent the last 5 years of his young life living in an orphanage, but then this past April he ran away.  Now he is living with his grandmother who lives here in the slum, only she is extremely ill and bed-ridden.  Because of Jonathan´s grandmother´s sickness much is going unattended in their tiny home.  They have little food, the house is extremely dirty, and there is little help with needs such as washing their clothes or caring for both Jonathan and the ailing grandmother.

Several weeks ago a few volunteers from the Lighthouse team were walking the streets in the slum and met this precious boy.   They were able to encourage him and buy a few groceries to bless him and his grandma. 

Since this encounter, Jonathan has been participating quite regularly in the activities here at the Lighthouse (he was even here today!), people have gone to visit his home to lend a helping hand (I hope to go one day soon), and we have all been praying for him and his grandmother.

Today, when my friend Lonneke (and volunteer here at the Lighthouse) stopped by and asked me if I minded washing Jonathan and his grandmother´s clothes, I was so happy to say, "YES!"   My heart was full of gratitude for my trusty washing machine, which was given to us as a gift.  Using what I have, as simple as it may be, I can serve in a practical way, even while I am at home caring for my little ones.

Please pray for Jonathan and his grandmother. May this precious boy and his grandmother truly encounter the deep love and tender care of a Father who never leaves or forsakes.

Jonathan claims his greatest wish is to one day be adopted. When I hear this my heart swells with pain, imagining the life this little boy is leading.
Please pray for the health of the grandmother to improve as well.
I hope that one day, with much dignity and strength, this dear grandmother can wash her own clothes again...


A little side note:

Lately I have been really missing serving the people from the slum. I miss working with the kids and their families.  I miss hugging their necks every day and speaking words of life to them.  Yet, I know I am in a season in which God wants me to focus on my own family and serve in different ways.  I also know that one way I can always be a part of the work in the slum is through prayer!

I was so happy to be able to help in this simple way today, and my prayer is that God would continually bring these types of opportunities my way.  Divine appointments in which I can share His great love with the precious people here, even if it is something as simple as washing clothes.   Will you also pray for me about this?  There are constant needs around us, so I want to serve as God leads.  Thank you for your prayers! :-)

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  1. Laura, I am so proud of you and Felipe and all that you are doing in Belo. You are awesome!