Friday, August 16, 2013

August 15th - My Birthday in Photos

A few days ago, I wrote here on our blog about what I wanted for my birthday.  You know what?  My birthday wish came true!

 7:15 - Sophia gave me my first present of the day - new flip flops!  She picked them out herself, with Daddy.  They just had to be pink and purple.  I actually knew about this present for a few days already because Sophia is not good at keeping secrets.  The day she and Felipe bought them I overheard her praying at bedtime with Felipe, "Thank you God for mommy's present, for her purple and pink flip-flops..."  So cute!

7:30 - Smiley face honey on homemade bread for breakfast.

8:30 - Worship time at the Lighthouse!

9:00 - These two sweet volunteers from Holland came over to babysit my girls to help me out.  Thank you Annalieke and Lieke!!! 

9:05 - A few quiet moments of prayer and preparing before the girls from the slum came over to celebrate my birthday with me.

From 9:30 until 11:30 I enjoyed a time of reconnecting with girls I have worked with over the years serving at the Lighthouse Community Center.  

I received a few birthday presents and several girls even wrote me sweet letters. It was very special to me, but the best present of all was their presence.

Reading the Word of God during a time of sharing.

My girls prayed for me since it was my birthday. I loved it!

Laughing and talking together!  I was able to share some special things on my heart with these girls.

Our refreshments.  My friend Poly helped me put the frosting on the cake and cupcakes. She made everything look so cute! 

The girls played in the park!

Seven girls (the perfect number), plus the cousin of one of my girls (she was responsible for taking care of him), showed up to celebrate with me.  My birthday was a city holiday so the kids had off from school, which made it possible for a few of the girls to actually come. Yay!

 Singing Happy Birthday!

Tea time! 

Jessie had just woken up from her morning nap and the girls LOVED cuddling with her. 

Meanwhile Felipe was across town at the Rock House working with the DTS.  This week they are having morning classes with a national YWAM leader named Gilberto. 

The topic of the week is "laying down your rights."  Felipe says that this week of class has been amazing!

12:00 - Our friends Kelly and Tijs came over to visit and eat lunch with us.  My girls helped me open a present from them.

12:30 - Felipe came home from work early (since it was a holiday and he had no afternoon meetings) and we were able to enjoy some quality time with our friends during the afternoon. It was a great way to spend my birthday. It is so cool my birthday fell on a holiday!

Felipe captured this moment.  
Sophia having a heart to heart and contemplating life together with Lieke.

1:30 - Another present from my family.  I got my very first blender in Brazil. I am excited about being able to make smoothies and juices now. I have been wanting a blender for a while now, but did not want to spend the extra money.

2:00 - Jessie did not want to sleep during her afternoon nap. Too much excitement!

 3:00 - Watching some Dora the Explorer!

3:30 - A fun shot with Sophia! 

4:00 - Sophia said, "Mommy, I am making you birthday cards."

5:00 - In the afternoon it became quite chilly and windy!  Well, it is "winter" in Brazil now...

5:30 - While Felipe gave our friends a quick ride home, the girls stayed home with me and were busy playing with our kitty Amora.  She is so patient with our girls.

6:00 - An early bath time! 

 Jessie loves playing beside Sophia when she is in the bath tub.

6:45 - My very own personal pizza delivery man. We had pizza for my birthday dinner!

7:25 - Bedtime story with Daddy.  Felipe read one of our favorites, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

8:00 -  The girls were fast asleep and Felipe gave me my last present of the day.
A box of chocolates!  He knows he can never go wrong with chocolates or flowers.

I had a wonderful birthday!  
Thanks for those who prayed for the special time with the girls from the slum, and thanks to those who sent me birthday messages too!  I have to say, it was one of my best birthdays ever.  I sensed God's love and goodness in every part of the day!  I am very thankful!  I am looking forward to all that is to come during my next year of life.

"Surely Your goodness and love will follow me
    all the days of my life..."

~ Psalm 23: 6 ~

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