Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Four Fabulous Years!

Today we are celebrating four fabulous years of marriage!
Here are just a few photos  from over the years...

August 7th, 2009 

Soon after our wedding, the baby bump began to grow...


Sophia came into the world!



 Jessie joins our family!


 A wonderful season in Hawaii.

Celebrating Sophia's 3rd birthday in the USA!

Back home in Brazil...

Today we are celebrating our marriage and all the Lord has done in our lives these past four years.  We have made wonderful memories, walked together through trials and challenges, and have grown so much in our relationship with one another.  May God always be the foundation of our marriage as we walk through this life holding hands.

 Here's to many many more years to come!
Te amo DE MAIS Luiz Felipe Matias!
 I love living life by your side...


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Laura and Felipe! You are the sweetest, most loving couple that I have ever seen, and I am so proud of both of you! Your marriage is a wonderful example of how great things can be when we put God in the center of all things. Love you!

  2. I remembered you, dear friends, in this morning and I prayed to the Lord for your lives and your family. I miss you a lot and your wedding four years ago was a unforgetable day for me.
    Love you and I pray always for you!