Thursday, August 1, 2013

School Vacation Time!

It is officially the "winter" vacation time here in Brazil.  For the last 2 weeks children have had time off from school, so the Lighthouse Community Center offered an intense fun-packed children´s program. Last week, the doors were opened here at the Lighthouse to the many children living in the slum.  Daily around 80 kids came to participate in various games and fun activities, and every time they came they heard the good news of the gospel and encountered the love of God.

Here are some photos of the awesome things that were going on here last week!  I love seeing these children´s smiles as they can enjoy just being kids here at the Lighthouse.

Singing praises to the King!

After a fun children´s worship service the kids broke up into groups and rotated around to play games and do different activities in the classrooms. 

This precious little one even participated!

The youngest group of children participating in the week.  Sophia joined them to play in the park.  You can see her right in the middle of this group shot.

It was a great time with the kids from the community!  
May they remember the truths they learned at the Lighthouse Community Center and grow in the grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

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