Monday, September 2, 2013

Changing Neighborhoods!

Several weeks ago, the current leader of the Lighthouse Community Center came to Felipe with a proposal, "Would your family like to switch houses with my family?" 

After thinking and praying about it, we said, "Yes!"  So, we are now in the process of packing up our things and in a few weeks we will move to another neighborhood here in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.   We are moving from point A to point B.

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Why Change Neighborhoods?
As many of you know, Felipe was the leader of the Lighthouse Community Center from 2008 until  2012.  He passed the leadership on to a great guy who has worked here for many years, but lives at another YWAM location in a nearby neighborhood. (YWAM Belo Horizonte has several ministry houses located throughout the city.)  It has been challenging for this new leader to live outside of the Lighthouse, thus his request to move his growing family here, to our house. 
Since returning from the USA we have been living in our cozy home at the Lighthouse, but we are not working directly with the ministry.  Therefore, we have no need to live on location at the Lighthouse.  Daily, Felipe goes out to meetings and to serve in variety of ways at other YWAM locations throughout the city.  Living in a more central location would be a blessing - especially to Felipe who is out and about a lot. 

We also have sensed for a while now that God is leading us and almost pushing us to move on from this precious place.

It's Bittersweet...
I will dearly miss living at the Lighthouse.  I love this ministry and I have made so many wonderful memories here.  I started here as a single missionary, began dating Felipe, we married, shared our first home together and our first two children were born, all while living and serving at the ministry of the Lighthouse.
2008- One of my favorite photos from my first year of working at the Lighthouse.

Also, we truly love the slum community that is situated around the Lighthouse grounds. We will miss the many kids and families we have built relationships with over the years.  

We carry many wonderful memories of our times with the children who participated in our groups.  The beautiful people living in the slum have touched our lives and taught us much about God´s love and His character.  This slum will always remain deeply special to us.

It is a bittersweet feeling.  We feel sad to move on, but also full of faith and joy.  This move is God's way of transitioning us into the next BIG season of our lives - starting a YWAM project in the city of São Paulo.  If you did not read our post about that click HERE.  Changing neighborhoods is one step in the direction of moving to São Paulo in two years time! 

We Appreciate Your Partnership!
 Please be in prayer for us!
Later this month we will be moving, and then next month we will begin leading a 7 week long DTS Outreach.  We have much to do over the next few weeks.

We are very excited about the many new things God is doing in our lives!  Thank you for walking together with us, praying for us, supporting us financially and encouraging us as we serve the Lord.  We are extremely thankful for you who are partnering with us. 

If you have read this entire post, you most certainly care about our family.
Thank you and may God bless you!

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  1. I'm so emotional about this!!!!!!!!! I've been praying for you guys and your move...need to email much going on. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!