Monday, September 30, 2013

Daddy-Daughter Date

Something we desire to do in our famly is to have "dates" with our kids.
Either Mommy or Daddy will spend focused time with each child, giving that child full uninterrupted time and attention, doing something simple and special.

While we were in Kona, Hawaii at the YWAM University of the Nations, I had the privilege of learning from more experienced moms at some mommy meetings.   At these meetings, several moms shared about having these special date times with their kids and how those moments have been such a blessing to their family and their individual relationship with each of their children.

One mother of seven shared how she could tell she was winning the heart of her 10-year-old son through their special date times.  Just by stopping everything she was doing to spend quality time with her son, doing something he loves to do (which happens to be walking in the woods behind their home), this mother could see a change in him.   She told us that after the special dates in the woods, her son was more willing to obey and to help out when asked.  Her choice to spend quality time with her son showed him that she cared about something he cared about.  Most of all, she cared about spending time alone with him and was winning his heart while cultivating her relationship with him. 

This testimony, as well as others I heard, inspired me so much as a parent.  Felipe and I resolved to make dates with our kids a priority.  Since Sophia is now 3 years old, we have started having these special date times with her. Our goal is that one of us will try to have a date with her every other week or so, and when Jessie gets a little older we will start going on dates with her too.
A few weeks ago Sophia and I went shopping together - just us two girls.  We bought some cute panties for Sophia (to continue encouraging her potty training success), and we got an ice cream cone.  This week Felipe took Sophia out for some yummy açaí and to play in a nearby park.  

Here are some photos documenting Sophia and Felipe's most recent daddy- daughter date.  If you are a parent, I encourage you to also go out on dates with your kids.  Spending time with our children is one of the very best ways we can invest our time and express our love.

They like to dress alike.  Sophia wants to be like her Daddy...

Devouring the açaí!

Playing the Princess and the King at the castle on the playground.

Daddy bought Sophia a little comic book - Turma da Monica.

Reading together in the park.

Picking flowers for Mommy on the way home.

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  1. So sweet! And so true! We see this with our kids too. Their love cups are so full after a date together. And ours are too. It is so important!! Love you guys!