Friday, September 27, 2013

Hope for Boys from a Juvenile Detention Center

 This week Felipe had the awesome privilege of taking photos at a special ministry event taking place at the Rescue House - one of the ministries of YWAM Belo Horizonte.  The Rescue House team has been running a English workshop for some adolescent boys serving time at a local juvenile detention center.  This week was the graduation of their English program. 

The boys were allowed to leave the detention center (with police guarding them the entire time), to go to the Rescue house and participate in their graduation ceremony.  It was an extremely special moment for both the Rescue team and the boys.

Felipe was invited to take photos to document the ceremony, however the police did not authorize photos to be taken of the boys' faces.  In spite of this, the photos express the beauty and emotion of this extraordinary day!

Many prayers and words of encouragement were spoken over the boys.

The certificate of completion of the English workshop.

Cake and refreshments to celebrate!

The Rescue team with a few of the graduates!

The boys were truly encouraged and blessed through the ministry and care of the Rescue House team.  May the seeds of God's love, that were planted in the hearts of the boys, produce a great harvest of life, change, and hope in their lives.

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