Monday, September 9, 2013

Jessie's 1st Birthday!

We spent this past weekend celebrating Jessie's 1st birthday!
On Saturday Felipe's sister, Renata, went with us on a family outing.  We ate at a nice restaurant for lunch and then went to a beautiful outdoor museum, called Inhotim, with botanical gardens and exhibitions.  

My sleeping beauty!

The girls were SUPER tired by the end of the day!

On Sunday, Jessie's actual birthday, we did a little birthday photo shoot in the afternoon!

Later in the evening, we got together with family to eat cake and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jessie at the house of Vovo (Grandma in Portuguese).

Birthday hugs from BIG sister Sophia!

We sang "Happy Birthday" in both English and Portuguese!

A few of Jessie's accomplishments at 1 year...

At the moment Jessie can say two words - duck and cat.  Do we have an animal lover or what?

She can sign in baby sign language the following words (but not always consistently): duck, cat, hat, all done, book, and ball.  The baby sign language actually teaches her vocabulary and how to say words.

Jessie just learned how to clap her hands together 1 week ago.  She is clapping her hands non-stop now and smiles really big when she does it!

She also has a new habit of running her tongue over her 2 bottom teeth.  Yes, Jessie just has 2 teeth at 1 year. (Sophia had 8 teeth by 1 year).

Jessie is not walking yet, but loves standing up and is climbing already!

Jessie loves giving kisses and hugs and is naturally happy, sweet and super friendly!

Happy 1st Birthday JESSIE!

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