Thursday, September 5, 2013

Playing Reporter

During the past week I have been playing reporter.
I am currently serving the base of YWAM Belo Horizonte by writing articles for the base newsletter.  This past week I spent time at one of the ministries of our base called the Sower House, which is a ministry that reaches out to deaf children and their families.  I am now diligently working on my assignment, an article about this precious ministry.  

I must say, I really love what this ministry is doing.  It touches my heart in a deep way to see how the missionaries and volunteers are reaching out to deaf children from poor communities.   This week I really enjoyed hearing stories about how God is working in the ministry and of course, it was great to just be together with these beautiful and special kids.

To read more about the Sower House click HERE!

I also wanted to share a few photos I captured during my time at the Sower House.  Enjoy!

The Sower House provides academic support.

One of the leaders of the ministry signing a Bible Story.

A good game of dodge ball.

These are beautiful children deeply loved by God!

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