Friday, September 20, 2013

September 19th - Our Day in Photos

8:00 - The day started with Jessie's 1 year pediatrician check-up.  After this picture was taken she cried a lot while the doctor examined her!

 9:00 - Sophia decided to dress up in her princess dress and wanted braided hair like Rapunzel, with her bright blue hair extensions.

9:45 - Sophia played with her friend, Sara Joy.
10:00 -  While Jessie napped and Sophia played at Sara's house, Felipe and I had a meeting to pray and organize things for the upcoming DTS outreach we will be leading.  I love working with my husband! 

11:15 - Nap time is over. Lately we all have been using mosquito nets over our beds to protect us from the bugs when we sleep.  It really is helpful as our house seems to be a mosquito magnet. 
12:30 - After lunch we enjoyed eating yummy cake.  We had a little party to say goodbye to a volunteer who spent a month serving at the Lighthouse.

Everyone was enjoying cuddling with the cute babies who live here at the Lighthouse!

Judá - 6 months

Melissa - 3 months

1:30 - Praying with the Lighthouse team.  Today we prayed for the girls who participate in the girls group.

2:30 -  Felipe spent the afternoon working on a video project about the hip-hop themed group, reaching out to kids and teens, that meets here at the Lighthouse.  Felipe already made a short video of a rap song written and sung by one of the boys from the group. Click HERE to hear the song. 

3:30 - We are going to be moving out of our house on Monday so I worked for a while packing up some things.  One of our bathrooms has become our storage room. 

4:00 - Jessie practicing standing up! Jessie was so proud of herself.  She is not walking yet, but is standing up and then sitting down more and more lately.  I think first steps will be coming soon! 

4:30 - Felipe took this photo while Jessie was watching her Baby Sign Language videos.  A distraction while getting her ready for a photo shoot with our close family friend and photographer - Kelly.  We did a super hero themed shoot! Jessie wore Batman!

5:00 - Photo shoot time!  A photo of Kelly and I.  Kelly is actually moving away - I will miss her SO MUCH!!! Kelly offered to take some family photos of us, but our girls were not cooperating so well.  We ended up doing some fun and romantic shots of just Felipe and I.  Soon I hope to share some of Kelly's photos here on our blog.  If you want to see some of her beautiful photography work click HERE .

6:00 - The Lighthouse team threw us a goodbye party since we are moving on to another YWAM ministry location in Belo Horizonte.  Felipe has lived here at the Lighthouse for almost 10 years, and I have been here for almost 6 years.  Wow, we really are making a big life change! 

Praying for our family and the new season ahead!

7:00 -  Jessie was practicing standing again!

8:30 - Enjoying hanging out and talking after the party!
Being silly!

This is a day I will not forget. We are ending a BIG chapter of our lives as we move on from the Lighthouse Community Center, but we look forward to all the Lord has in store for us in the future.  It was a good day!

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  1. I hope all of the moving craziness is slowing down, Laura. I am praying for you! Please stop by my blog for a SWEET surprise!