Thursday, October 3, 2013

On the Road Again

In just a few days we will be on the road again leading a Discipleship Training School (DTS) missions outreach...
Here is our awesome team!
Márcia, Felipe, Jessie, Laura, Josie, and Sophia

Felipe and I are super excited about the opportunity of leading a 2 month long missions trip.  Our team is smaller than we expected, but we sense that even though we are small in number, God is going to use us to make a BIG impact.   We desire to serve and be a blessing everywhere we go!

Where are we going?

Our first stop is in São Paulo, Brazil where we will spend 3 weeks working together with a missions organization called ABBA.   Our team will work  in a community center, called Casa Semear (in English- the Sower House), which is situated in one of the many slums of São Paulo.   To see their blog click HERE.  We have a variety of awesome ministry opportunities already planned there!

Towards the end of October we will go to serve for several weeks with YWAM SAMPA (Sampa is a nickname for São Paulo), and then in November we will travel to Rio de Janeiro where we will work at YWAM Borel, which is a community center situated in a slum there.

A night shot of Borel - a slum located in the Northern Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

We will end our trip by visiting and serving in the church of my dear friend Rosangela, who was a bridesmaid in our wedding, and worked together with us at the Lighthouse for several years.  Rosangela is from Rio and works at a church there, where her father is the head pastor.
Prayers Please?
Traveling Mercies
This Sunday we leave Belo Horizonte, traveling on an over-night bus arriving in São Paulo on Monday morning. Please pray for our soon coming bus trip, for grace and overall protection as we travel during these next two months. Especially pray for our 2 little girlies and all the transitions they will face.

Pray God would fill us with His amazing and powerful love as we travel and serve.  We want to be vessels for God's love to flow through, in all that we do.

We desire to be a breath of fresh air to the ministries we go to.  Pray God will use us to bring refreshing and also give us refreshing when we need it.

Our Future
Felipe and I feel like the first part of this trip, in São Paulo, is going to be very special for us personally.  We are beginning to "spy out the land" of São Paulo because we have a dream to pioneer a YWAM ministry there reaching out to children at risk.  We are in the very beginning stages of praying, gathering information, and seeking God about this future project, so we are hoping and expecting God will speak and reveal many things to us while we are physically there in the city.  Will you pray with us about our future in São Paulo too?

Thanks so much for your love, prayers and support of our family as we go on this missions trip to São Paulo and Rio de Janiero!

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