Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 26th - Our Day in Photos

 This is our day in photos of our very last day of working at the Sower House, a ministry of ABBA in São Paulo. Read more about their ministry here.  We are now at the Youth With A Mission base in São Paulo, and will be serving along side YWAM here for the next few weeks.   Due to poor internet service and a busy schedule, I am just getting this posted today.

Here is our day in photos from this past Saturday, October 26th.

 7:30 - Sophia did not want to get out of bed...  During this time on DTS outreach, we are sleeping much later at night and instead of Sophia waking me up at 6:00 am, I am waking her up. 

 8:30 - I was finishing up a blog post about our team visiting Crackland.

10:15 - Prayer and worship time as a team.

11:00 - Sophia enjoyed coloring while we prayed and worshiped together with our DTS outreach team.  

11:30 - Watching a video with our team member Marcia.  Sophia just loves both Marcia and Josie!

 1:00 - I spent a good amount of time packing our bags for our move to the next ministry location.

 2:00 - We ate a late lunch with the Sower team.  It was delicious!

3:30 - Making sandwiches as a snack for an afternoon worship service at the Sower House.

3:45 -A photo with the Sower team!

4:15 - The worship service began for the children and families who participate at the Sower house.  Robert, the leader of the ministry, opened the service.

4:45 - Our team member Josie gave an amazing word to the kids!

5:30 - After the service was over I enjoyed talking and singing worship songs together with a group of girls.  We talked about how the Lord really speaks to us through music. It was a precious moment with these girls.  I pray they will be worshipers and followers of Jesus all the days of their lives.

6:30 - We painted our hand prints on a wall at the Sower House.  All the volunteers who pass through the house stamp their hands on the wall and write their names as well.  We had fun doing this as a team!

We stamped Jessie's foot too!

The final product of our team's hand prints on the wall.  We wrote ETED - BH, or in English DTS and the BH stands for Belo Horizonte.

6:30 - Saying our goodbyes, with painted hands and all!

7:30 - Felipe went to shave and shower. A before and after shot.

8:00 - I did a lice treatment on my hair.  I ended up catching lice from the sweet kiddos who attend the Sower House programs.

8:15 -  Jessie was already in bed and Sophia had some snuggle time with Daddy, watching WALL-E before bedtime. 


We had a wonderful last day of working with the Sower House. We pray blessings over this ministry and know God will continue to use them Sower team mightily to bless the needy children living in the slums of São Paulo.

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  1. How beautiful these pics are. Each one telling its own story. My prayers with you all daily as I know He is pouring favor and blessing on you as missionaries. I am always excited to open blogs and pics you share sis Jojo as I know ill be in oar each and every time. Reaching out to souls and introducing our Abba Father to those in desperate need of His touch. Much Zee love to you all.