Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5 1/2 in São Paulo

Our DTS missions outreach team has spent the last five and a half weeks in the city of São Paulo, Brazil serving in poor communities and also in various other ways.
Here is one last post of photos documenting the awesome time we had serving the Lord in the great city of São Paulo!


"Close to a third of São Paulo's 11 million people, in a metropolitan region of almost 20 million, live in slum-like conditions."

Serving at the Sower House!


A few photos from an evangelism and prayer time in the downtown area of São Paulo.

Some shots from our time at YWAM Sampa!

One night there was a fire just outside of a neighbor's home across the street from the YWAM base.  The missionaries went to the rescue!

We have enjoyed our time in Sao Paulo... now onto Rio de Janeiro!

Please pray for our team as we travel and begin to serve at a YWAM base located in a slum called Borel.
  We appreciate you prayers and support!

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