Monday, November 25, 2013

November 24th - Our Day in Photos

Our team is currently serving in a church called First Baptist Church in a city just outside of Rio de Janeiro.   We are staying in rooms prepared for us at the church and this is our last ministry location before returning home to Belo Horizonte.  Felipe and I actually visited this church before, almost 4 years ago.  Felipe preached to the youth and I sang.  Now we have returned with a small team!

We got connected with this church through our dear dear friend Rosangela.  You may remember Rosangela, as I have written about her before on our blog.  She worked together with Felipe and I at the Lighthouse Community Center several years ago.  Rosangela was even one of my bridesmaids in our wedding, so seeing her again is extremely special for me. (You can see a few photos of Rosangela and I from years ago here and here.)  It is so refreshing and wonderful to be visiting her and her church, where she serves as a missionary. 

So, now with the introductions out of the way, here is our day in photos at First Baptist Church!

8:00 -  Enjoying breakfast, great company and conversation.

8:30 - Hanging out in the church sanctuary before the Sunday services.

9:30 - Our team member Josie, from South Africa, shared about missions and her experiences of serving 14 years as a missionary.  Felipe translated her message into Portuguese.

10:00 -  Josie ended her message with a special prayer time.   In small groups we all prayed for missionaries on the mission field and the ministries they serve in.

11:30 - After the Sunday morning worship service, Marcia, our team member from Brazil, sold t-shirts to help raise money for some YWAM Belo Horizonte missionaries who are going on a short term missions trip to Tanzania.

 12:30 - Jessie splashing in the water fountain after lunch.

1:30 - We relaxed a bit in our bedroom watching Despicable Me 2 with the girls.

3:00 - While Jessie (and Felipe) napped in our room, Sophia played in a classroom while I worked on a blog post about YWAM Borel.

4:30 - Snack time eating cookies and bananas and yogurt.

My laid-back girl...

5:30 - I am so enjoying catching up with Rosangela!  We have not seen each other in almost 3 years, but it seems like I just saw her yesterday.  I love friendships like this! 

6:30 - Showered and ready to work on the laptop...

7:00 - On our way to the children's church service.

7:30 - Rosangela introduced us to the kids at children's church since we were helping out with their worship service.

Felipe led a few fun songs.

The children enjoyed this funny drama! 

8:15 - When the kid's service was over the children were divided up into their classrooms to do small group activities.  Felipe snuck into the sanctuary to snap a photo of the main service.

8:30 - Sophia in her class showing off her baby Jesus.

9:30 - Back in our bedroom after a busy day.  While Jessie and Sophia were fast asleep, my Superman spent some time saving the day by killing the mosquitoes in our room so we could sleep in peace.  At night the mosquitoes in Rio de Janeiro are fierce!

We have just a few more days of our Discipleship Training School (DTS) missions outreach.  On Saturday we will be arriving HOME in Belo Horizonte!  Yay!!! Please pray for us as we end  this missions trip.  We have had a truly amazing time and God has spoken many things to our hearts.
We are thankful!

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