Sunday, November 24, 2013

YWAM Borel

Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Borel has an amazing ministry to the people living in a slum (called Borel) located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  First,  I would like to introduce you to their team of missionaries!

These faithful missionaries (along with many other volunteers and professionals not pictured) are working together to bring a message of hope and transformation to the Borel slum.  Their work is truly inspirational!  Enjoy seeing just glimpses of what they do on a daily basis through these photos.

The YWAM music school offers acoustic and bass guitar lessons, voice lessons, and drum lessons.  It is awesome to see children learning a musical instrument.  Many of the children and adults who take lessons at YWAM Borel would not otherwise have this opportunity since they live in poor conditions. 

Taking his guitar and music folder home...

YWAM Borel also offers a variety of courses including computer classes, English classes and arts and crafts courses.

YWAM Borel also runs a preschool called Seed Space.   What a blessing this preschool is to many families living in the slum.  Sophia even went to the preschool for one day and loved it! 

YWAM Borel runs a ministry to the boys in the community through using the sport of soccer.  Thankfully there is a soccer field nearby where they are able to practice and play soccer games.

YWAM Health Clinic
This was Felipe's favorite aspect of the ministry of YWAM Borel.  He spent hours at the health clinic and saw how serving the community in this way is a tremendous blessing to the people.  There are many problems with the public health services in Brazil and often times you have to wait hours upon hours to be attended.  This YWAM clinic offers free health services in a location right in the middle of the slum.  As you can see in the photos, many needy and sick people are being blessed with the care of this clinic.  Weekly, doctors, nurses and psychologists volunteer their time to serve at the clinic. 

A child psychologist volunteers her time to attend children living in the slum.

As you can see, the clinic waiting room stays quite full!

The YWAM Pharmacy

These photos just reflect a bit of the awesome work of YWAM Borel and their work with the community.

Please be in prayer for the missionaries and volunteers serving at YWAM Borel.  May they continue strong as they share God's love in Borel slum in Rio de Janeiro. 

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