Saturday, December 7, 2013

Community Development DTS Graduation

As I have mentioned here on our blog before, Felipe has been working with a Discipleship Training School  (DTS) with an emphasis on Community Development since July.  Last Thursday night the students participating in the school graduated, and Felipe was given the honor of being the special speaker for the graduation service.  He spoke about being strong in the Lord, sharing a passage from 2 Timothy chapter 2.

 As part of the DTS school program Felipe and I led a 2 month long missions outreach to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (to see some photos of our time you can click here, here and here).  The other DTS team went to Guinea-Bissau, Africa for their outreach location.

A student, named Guilherme, sharing his testimony about his time in Guinea-Bissau.

Our teammate Marcia sharing about her experience during the outreach phase.

At the graduation we presented a slide-show to share about the missions work we did during our outreach time.  The background music to the video is quite cute!  Felipe used a song from a certain Sesame Street video that Jessie absolutely LOVES watching.  We probably heard this song a hundred times (or more) during our travels, so it just seemed fitting to use this catchy tune in the photo slide-show. 
Enjoy the video!

We celebrate the accomplishment of the DTS students, especially Josie and Marcia, who were our teammates for 2 months as we traveled Brazil serving in poor communities.  Both these ladies are super special to us!   They are our dear friends and co-laborers in Christ.  It is awesome to see how God is using their lives to extend His kingdom here in Brazil!

If you are interested in learning more about YWAM and the Discipleship Training School (DTS) offered in various locations all over the world, click here.  Next year, from March until August, I will be working with a DTS here in Belo Horizonte which will have a focus on reaching out to people attending the World Cup games here in Brazil.  If you are interested in growing in your walk with the Lord and making Him known among the nations that will be present at the World Cup games, come join us! 

Email YWAM Belo Horizonte to receive a DTS application and for more information:

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