Friday, December 13, 2013

Painting and Poopy Diapers

Since our arrival back in Belo Horizonte we have been super busy painting our new home and changing poopy diapers.   This has been our life lately - taking care of our sick and pitiful Jessie, who has a lingering case of diarrhea (it's been going away and then coming right back for weeks now) due to a stubborn stomach virus and teething. She is getting her top 4 teeth all at once!

During the last days of our recent missions trip, our girls got sick.  Then once we got back home they began struggling with their allergies and adjusting to the rainy climate in our city. Overall it seems that Jessie's little immune system is much weaker than Sophia's so she takes longer to recover and is more susceptible to sickness  Just this week she also got an eye infection on top of it all.   In this photo you can see her slightly puffy eyes and the white tip of one tooth popping through.

Calling Off Our Plans
When we realized that Jessie's health was doing so poorly and that she was even losing weight we called off our plans to go to a week long Youth With A Mission national conference here in Brazil.  This gathering takes place in December every other year. To see photos from the last two times we went to this conference click here and here.

   Calling off our plans was a hard decision to make, but we knew it was the right one. We were really looking forward to the conference and seeing missionary friends who serve in other YWAM bases in Brazil, but the Lord spoke gently to my heart confirming our decision to stay home.  Last week as I was reading the Word and praying about whether or not we should take the trip,  God led me to read this verse.

Trust in the LORD and do good;
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
~ Psalm 37 :3 ~

As I read the verse, it was like the Lord was highlighting to me and telling us to "dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture."  I felt the Lord confirming to my heart that it was ok to stay home and He was wanting us to dwell in the land (Belo Horizonte) and enjoy being in a safe place, safe pasture, a place of peace and rest.  It would have been a risk for us to travel again with both girls' immune systems still weak and also make for a challenging trip.  Please be in prayer for them both healthwise, especially Jessie.

As I said in the beginning of this post, we have been busy painting our new home.  Upon arrival in Belo Horizonte, we were able to move into our new living quarters, which is located on the lower level of a YWAM ministry called the Refuge House.  The family that lived in our home before us moved out while we were traveling.  We are currently cleaning and painting (between caring for our girls) so we can next move in our furniture and belongings and turn this place into our home.

This week some friends even came over to help us paint. I am so thankful for them! More photos to come soon when we are all done with painting and moving in.  Slowly but surely we are getting things done.

December so far has been very different for us as we are living in a new location, working hard to paint and prepare our home, and have been battling sickness.  Hopefully soon we will be completely moved in and can enjoy this Christmas season.  Our little Christmas tree is currently living in the girls' bathroom!  It will be fun to decorate for Christmas a little once the house is painted.

Blessings to you during this wonderful holiday season!
Thanks for reading, praying and supporting us as we serve in missions in Brazil. 

Now I need to get back to painting...

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