Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thank You and Our Year!

We just made a video to say THANK YOU for supporting us this year in missions!  
If you have not seen this video yet, please watch. It turned out quite cute! 
Thanks so much for your support of our work in Brazil.  We greatly appreciate you!

2013 - OUR YEAR

 This past year has been such a completely different year for both Felipe and I.  
2013 was a year of new challenges, many changes and much traveling.  Adding up our travel time, we spent almost 7 months out of the year traveling!

We began 2013 in beautiful Hawaii where Felipe spent 3 months participating in a photography course.

Felipe grew in his photograpy skills, taking some amazing photos...

And we also made some very special memories as a family in Hawaii.  One of my favorite things about Hawaii was seeing whales and sea turtles on a regular basis.  God's majesty and wonder is everywhere to be seen there!

Next, we made a quick and fun-packed 6 week stop in the Carolinas to visit family and friends.

In May we arrived home in our city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  We took on new challenges - Felipe worked in a Discipleship Training School (DTS), I worked with the communication department of YWAM Belo Horizonte, and Sophia even went to preschool for a few months (BUT she did not end up liking it so much, but that is a whole other story).  

We shared with you about a BIG dream in our hearts for the future and also decided to move to a new home as a step in the direction of this BIG dream.  

Another BIG change in our lives was that God blessed us with the ability to buy a car. This changed our reality and is a major blessing to us on a daily basis.  We can now run errands and do simple things like going out to buy groceries MUCH MUCH easier and faster than before.  We are SO thankful for our car!

After just spending 4 months in our city,  we packed our bags once again to travel as the leaders of a DTS missions outreach team.  We spent two months traveling (Oct. and Nov.), as we served in missions organizations ministering in poor communities in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Upon arrival back in Belo Horizonte, we moved into our new home!  We have finished painting and now we are slowly moving in.  It has been A LOT of work!  Photos to come once we are all done.

Once again we want to say thank you for partnering with us.  God did so much in our lives during 2013!  He also spoke many things to our hearts about the future work He has for us to reach out to children at risk here in Brazil.  Soon we will share more about our work plans for 2014.  There will be much less traveling involved, but we are quite happy about settling down in one place for a while.

Thank you for blessing our lives and our ministry during 2013!

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