Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Bald Head, 80 People, And A Cat!

A Bald Head
We have quite the interesting life. There never seems to be a dull moment and what memories we are making!  I currently have a bald husband, and no this is not a photoshopped photo.  Felipe now has a VERY bald head!

Just a few days ago while I was cutting Felipe's hair with electric clippers, Jessie starting cying and throwing a little fit.  I paused my cutting to help calm her down and a few minutes later returned to finish cutting the edges of his hairline.  In the craziness of the moment I forgot that I had removed the clipper attachment and then I accidentally shaved Felipe clean  (about 2 inches) on the side of his head.  When I realized what I had done I gasped and cried, "NO!!!"  I tried cutting his hair shorter to fix the mistake, but it did not look the best. What to do?

 Felipe then decided, with much enthusiasm and happiness, to shave his head completely! It is something he has always wanted to do at least once in his life, and now he finally had a good excuse to just go for it.  So this is Felipe's new look...  Hopefully his beautiful curly black hair will grow back in fast!  My new rule:  I will ONLY cut Felipe's hair when our girls are sleeping.

80 People
During the month of January we have about 80 people living here at the YWAM ministry house where we are new residents.  It is the summer vacation season here in Brazil and during this season YWAM offers a Christian camp program called a King's Kids Campaign.

During this youth camp, preteens and teens have the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and participate in presentations where the kids themselves share the good news of the gospel through song, dance and drama.  The kids spend each day learning about God and then rehearsing lots!

We are living in a house FULL of people with about 50 Brazilian youth participating in the King's Kids Camp, a team of about 25 Americans from YWAM Chico serving as staff in the camp, and a few additional King's Kids staff.  The ministry house and grounds are alive and active from morning to night and every space is being used for the glory of God!

Felipe has been taking photos/filming some of the camp activities, helping with driving staff to run various errands, and I have been helping out a little in the kitchen cutting and preparing food for all the people. We are praying God will work mightily in the lives of the kids participating in this King's Kids camp.

During the vacation month of January our work pace is a little more relaxed than normal allowing us both time to do various practical things and for Felipe to focus on his photography.  We have been working in our home and are almost completely settled in - photos coming soon.  We also hope to give our blog a little makeover.  Felipe has been busy researching and learning how to do this, so keep checking this space to see how our new look turns out!

A Cat
Meet the new addition to our family, our Christmas cat named Buzz Lightyear.

  Our other cat dissappeared several months ago and our whole family has been sad about it, especially Sophia.  We decided to try having a cat again, so for Christmas our family got a kitten.  Sophia keeps telling everyone with a smile, "We got a new cat.  We're happy now!" 

Buzz is super sweet and very calm.  A perfect cat for kids!

Stay tuned for our next post which will be about our work plans for 2014!!!


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