Friday, February 7, 2014

Our New Home!

We are now a lot more settled into our new home, located on the grounds of a YWAM ministry house called the Refuge House or in Portuguese, Casa Refúgio.

Currently the Refuge House is a YWAM training location which runs King's Kids Camps, Discipleship Training Schools and Children At Risk Schools.

We are living on the bottom level of the Refuge House, in the part of the building painted red.  The white doorway you see on the left is the entrance into our home. 

Come on in! 
I cleaned it up good for the photos - our home usually has toys all over the place. 
Welcome to our home!

This is the entrance way/dining area of our home. 

Since we painted the house, our girls' dirty hands (and feet) are already smudging up our pretty new paint job.   We were especially getting the wall near our dining table dirty from accidental spills or splashes at mealtimes, so we decided to do something fun to kind of hide the messy marks on the wall. It took one morning to do it, and we love the way it turned out!  It's something fun and different!

Here is a timelapse video showing how we painted a mosaic on the wall.

Here is our cute cozy kitchen, which we lovingly call our "açaí kitchen" because as we were trying to make the paint color just right, it ended up turning into the color of açaí.   We love açaí though, so we just went with it!

We are quite happy with our new home! We still have a few more things we need to hang on the walls, but overall we have the house the way we want it.

This is our favorite room in the house,our living room. We have learned something new about ourselves - every other room in our home can be small, but we really enjoy and appreciate having a nice sized living room to spend time together in.  An extra bonus is that in this house we have LOTS of sofa space because the house came with a built-in concrete sofa.  Good thing it matches our sofas! 

Sophia and Jessie's bedroom!  Sophia is so proud of her big girl bed that she got for Christmas.  She shows it off to everyone who comes over to visit.

The girls even have their own bathroom!  Sophia stands on the chair to reach the sink to brush her teeth and wash her hands.

The little hallway leading to the master bedroom.  I love the little book-nook where our bookcase fits just perfectly.

As you can see in the the above photo, there is a closed-in doorway (on the right), which used to be the entrance to a stairway connecting this bottom section of the building with the upper section of the building.  Several years ago when this home was officially turned into missionary living quarters, the doorway was sealed closed to give the home more privacy. 

When I saw this funny looking wall/door space, the "teacher in me" instantly saw potential to transform it into a learning bulletin board.  Last month I began doing a preschool curriculum with Sophia  (  Every afternoon when Jessie naps, Sophia and I have a special learning time together. Sophia has really been enjoying it!

Here is our comfy bedroom.

Our little bathroom, which is located directly under the stairway. 

We are all really enjoying our new home.  I must say it is much easier to clean than our last home. I am thankful for nicer floors that are much faster to clean. 

And, just outside our home, is a nice little playground where our girls can play.  They love playing outside here!

We hope you liked seeing our new home here in Brazil!
We will be living here for the next 2 years and then we will be moving on to São Paulo.
We are thankful for God's continual provision and blessings over our lives.  He is such a caring Father who faithfully provides for all our needs!

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  1. Love it!! Looks like the girls enjoy their space (indoors and out)!!