Friday, February 14, 2014

Packing Our Bags!

Today I am busy packing our bags once again.
Tomorrow our family is leaving for a 2 week ministry trip to São Paulo!

We are super excited about this opportunity and expectant as to how the Lord will speak to us during this special trip.  We are earnestly seeking Him concerning the details of establishing a ministry to children at risk in São Paulo .  

Our goal is to move to Sao Paulo in the beginning of 2016, but many things must be done before we actually move there.  This trip will probably be one of many as we are gradually preparing and planning for our future. The plan for this specific trip is that we will spend a total of 2 weeks in the São Paulo area doing a variety of things.

Week 1
During week 1 we will be staying in the area of São Paulo, called Zona Sul (the South Zone), where we hope to plant ourselves one day. We will be meeting with various people (who will hopefully become ministry partners with us), and we will also spend time visiting various slums.  There are literally hundreds of slums in this huge megacity!  We are praying and seeking God about which slum He would want us to reach out to so we can establish a ministry there.

São Paulo, Zona Sul - South Zone 

I also really hope to visit an American Christian school where I am dreaming about placing our children one day.  I volunteered in this school back in 2000 (during my first missions trip to Brazil) and visited it quickly this past October. I would like to visit the school again, but now as a parent with the intention of enrolling my children there one day.  Yes, we are even thinking and planning about this side of moving to Sao Paulo.  

Week 2
 During week 2 we will be going to a suburb of São Paulo, called Francisco Morato, where we will spend a few days at Youth With A Mission Sampa, where Felipe will teach a few classes in a Disciplship Training School.  We spent time at this YWAM base in November, and we are looking forward to visiting again.

YWAM Sampa

At the tail-end of the trip we will spend a few nights camping, to end our travels with a fun family activity.  Then we will make our way back to Belo Horizonte and back to a full schedule.

Please pray for our trip!

Pray for: 
~ Protection and safety as we travel, in our family car!
~ God to show us a future location/slum community where we can establish our ministry.
~ Vision, wisdom, and clear direction as we step out in faith and begin the process of doing what we feel God is calling us to do.
~ God to reveal more of His heart to us about our future work in São Paulo.
~ God to open the right doors and shut the doors that need to be closed.

Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Have a safe, fun, productive trip, Laura! I will pray for you!

  2. Yeah! We´re waiting for you guys!! Have a good trip tomorrow! God bless you! Dorothee

  3. Prayers are with you as God takes you into this next phase of your journey! Exciting to see what He is doing!