Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Relaxed to Routine

It's been quiet over here on our blog lately...
Our lives have been unusally less busy and very quiet. This has been very refreshing for us!  The whole year of 2013 was extremely busy and we were constantly on the go.  A calm and relaxed start to 2014 has been nice! Seasons of rest are important and so renewing.

Here are some photos from a fun craft time we had last week with the missionary kids living at the Refuge House.

A New Routine
Now that it's February we are starting to get into a new routine.  In Brazil school starts in February, and the summer vacation season is officially over.  Our days and work calendars are beginning to fill up once again.

Monday was Sophia's first day of preschool.  We were blessed to get a missionary discount at a nearby Christian preschool where Sophia will attend 3 mornings a week. We hope this will help Sophia to progress in learning to speak Portuguese and also give her the opportunity to interact with more kids.

Also this week Youth With A Mission Belo Horizonte began having all the official base meetings, so from now on Felipe will spend several afternoons per week in leadership related meetings.

YWAM Belo Horizonte Leaders Meeting

Monday night I also had some of my YWAM missionary girlfriends over for an informational meeting about an English Bible Study.  Last year we did Beth Moore's Breaking Free study and soon we will begin another study called Living Beyond Yourself.  This week I shared this awesome story by Beth Moore that I came across online.  This story really blessed and challenged my heart, so if you have a few minutes, I invite you to take a listen.

Our Upcoming Trip
Also, some VERY exciting news is that we have a trip to São Paulo in the works.  We have been preparing and organizing for this for a few weeks now.  In March, I (Laura) will begin working with a Discipleship Training School (DTS), so we wanted to squeeze in this quick trip before the DTS begins and our schedules get even more busy.  It may be a while before we have the time and flexibility to take another ministry trip to this great city on our hearts.

São Paulo, Brazil

The plan is that we will spend a total of 2 weeks in São Paulo meeting with future ministry partners and visiting various slums - there are literally hundreds of slums in this huge megacity!  We are praying and seeking God about where in Sao Paulo He would lead us to establish a ministry to children at risk
Please pray for us!!!

A slum located in a neighborhood called Morumbi in São Paulo.

 Felipe will also be teaching a few classes in a Disciplship Training School at a YWAM base located just outside of the city of Sao Paulo.  We spent time at this YWAM base in November, and we are looking forward to visiting again.

Thank You!
As always, thanks so much for your prayers and support of our work in Brazil.  We could not be here doing what we do without you uplifting us in prayer and supporting us.  

 We are now transitioning from a relaxed season to a routine. In March our work schedules will become even more busier, but we feel ready and excited for all that 2014 has in store for us!

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