Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Mommy Working a DTS

The past few weeks have been super full for me, so our blog has been a little abandoned...

I have been busy being a mommy AND I just began working in a YWAM Discipleship Training School, also known as a DTS. (If you want to read about what a DTS is, click here.)

During the next three months I am working part-time in the bi-lingual (English and Portuguese speaking) DTS running here at YWAM Belo Horizonte.  During this special season Felipe is working less in order to care for our two girls, while I am working much more than usual. We have to carefully coordinate our schedules to make it work, but it is possible!

Opening Ceremony
Last Sunday afternoon we had a special service to welcome the students and dedicate this special season to the Lord.  
Felipe helped with translation.
A special time of prayer over the staff and students of the school.

The students showing off their special DTS notebooks that they received at the service.
Felipe designed the cover.  Didn't it turn out nice?

Meet the Students
Felipe did a little photo shoot with them!

Warly and Angelica from Brazil

Rebecca from Germany

Kelly from Holland

Remon from Holland

Jonathas - Born in Brazil, but he actually lives in Italy

The First Week
This week the students already had classes on subjects such as prayer/intercession, quiet time with God, meditating on the Word of God, and the YWAM foundational values.

One of my jobs during the DTS is to help out with translating.  I will most definitely grow in my translating skills during this DTS!  I have already been VERY busy translating written materials, from Portuguese into English, and I also have been helping with translating a few classes, announcements and prayer times.

We are now living and doing life together with these students during the next 3 months. During this first week of DTS we have enjoyed sharing meals together, praying for one another, singing and worshiping together, and just getting to know each other more.

During this special season I am really looking forward to all God is going to do in my own life and also in the lives of these students!

A Few Prayer Requests
Please pray for me personally.  Pray I will have wisdom with time management and with balancing work with family. My little Jessie has been showing more and more lately that she especially needs mommy. She is in a more needy and challenging phase now, so pray that I will be sensetive to her and also to Sophia. I truly need God's help and grace each day to balance it all.

 Pray I will learn all God wants me to learn during the next 3 months. I am currently staffing the teaching phase of the DTS to learn how to work with this school, so that (in the future) Felipe and I can run a DTS at our new ministry in São Paulo. Exciting stuff! :-)

Also please pray for the DTS students, that they will come to know God more and truly have a wonderful DTS experience!

Thanks for your prayers!

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