Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28th, 2014 - Our Day in Photos

It has been quite a while since I have posted a "Day in Photos" on our blog.  I wanted to do this once again to share a little peek of what is currently going on in our daily life.  Enjoy!

6:45 - Sophia heading out early to preschool, all dressed up in her school uniform.  This is her princess pose!

7:00 - My messy Jessie, with her crazy bed-head curls, eating waffles (we recently found them here in Brazil)!

7:30 - Spending time in the Word and in prayer.  So thankful for my husband who keeps Jessie for a little while in the mornings so I can have precious time with the Lord.

8:30 - Felipe went to the intercession time here at the Refuge House.  Everyone spent time praying for the Discipleship Training School (DTS) outreach phase and the evangelism events that will take place during the upcoming World Cup games here in Brazil.

9:30 - Jessie and I visited our friend Kelly, one of the DTS students, during the small break between intercession and the DTS morning class.  Jessie loves playing in Kelly's bed because of the pretty blue mosquito net!

10:15 - While Jessie has her morning nap, Mommy and Daddy can work.  We are trying to spend several mornings a week praying and preparing things for our Sao Paulo project (read a little about it here).

We are currently planning a trip to travel to various YWAM bases in Brazil to share about our ministry plans.  We want to also invite people to pray for the São Paulo project and to even consider joining our team. Do YOU want to be a part of our team? :-)

11:00 - I was also able to work a bit on grading two DTS journals.  I am responsible for meeting weekly with two very special girls who are currently participating in a DTS here at the Refuge House. Each week I grade their journals, where they record written assignments and reflections about their experience in the DTS.  The girls are very creative and do an awesome job!

11:30 -  Sacked out! A snapshot just before I had to wake Jessie up.

11:45 - Jessie played a bit on the I-pad while waiting for Sophia to come from school.

12:15 - Lunch time! We eat rice and beans every day for lunch.

1:00 - Playtime outside after lunch.

1:15 - Hugs and many tears... Jessie was sad to see Daddy leaving for an afternoon meeting.

2:00 - Felipe is a member of YWAM Belo Horizonte's base council, which is a group of leaders and elders who meet together to make important decision about the base.   He was in the council meeting all afternoon. 

2:30 - I spent some time printing materials for a Bible study which I am hosting in my home for the missionary ladies here at YWAM Belo Horizonte.  Our cat Buzz was confused and mesmerized by the printer.

3:00 -  Sophia had a friend (the daughter of YWAM missionaries) over to play for a little while during the afternoon, and of course they had to play with our special Ressurection Eggs. (If you have never heard of them, click here to read more.)

These eggs were a huge hit with Sophia this Easter season, and she constantly wants to play with them and tell the story of Jesus' death and ressurection.

4:00 - I got the laundry washed and hung later than I wanted to, but I got it done. Most people do not have electric clothes dryers in Brazil, so I dry all our laundry like this.

4:30 -  Jessie "helped" me sweep the park area in front of our house. 

5:30 -  Felipe got home from his meeting.  We took some time to talk and take a selfie! 

6:00 -  Felipe helped me do a quick clean up before the ladies from my Bible study arrived.  He's the best!

7:00 - I made pão de queijo (cheese bread), one of my favorite Brazilian snacks, to share at my Bible study. 

8:30 - The ladies Bible study in session in my living room!  We are doing the Beth Moore study called Living Beyond Yourself, and it has been so encouraging.  I am so thankful for the group of ladies God has brought into my life during this season of my life.  Our times of meeting together have been so special.

Yesterday was a little more busy than usual, but a good start to our week.

We hope you enjoyed seeing our day!  God bless!

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