Tuesday, May 6, 2014

4 Days of Celebrating Sophia!

This year, it just so happened that Sophia's birthday fell on a Tuesday, therefore we began celebrating her birthday a few days before her actual birth date. For fun, we decided to make it 4 days worth of fun and celebration since she was turning 4! 

Celebration Day 1 ~ Saturday

A family tradition we are creating is that whenever our kids have birthdays we will go out on a special family outing. For Sophia's birthday we chose to go to an amusement park (as we had briefly and spontaneously gone to one earlier in the year while on our trip to Sao Paulo).  We had a great night!  

After our outing Sophia then went to spend the night with her Tia (Aunt) Renata and Vovo (Grandma).  She loves spending the night with them and feels very special because she sleeps there "by herself" without mommy, daddy or Jessie!

Celebration Day 2 ~ Sunday 

We had a little birthday party with family at Felipe's mother's house. Felipe's sister, Renata, did an amazing job decorating and preparing all the party treats, and Sophia LOVED the Frozen theme!!!

Everything looked so pretty!

Sophia with her beloved Tia Renata!

 Sophia's fancy and delicious cake!

Sophia was so overwhelmed with emotion that she became quite serious during the party. All during the party she came over to me or Felipe and repeatedly said, "I love my birthday..."  She really appreciated the party.

Celebration Day 3 ~ Monday

Felipe did a birthday photo shoot with Sophia, another tradition we want to do at each birthday.  We thought of this idea when Jessie turned one. (Click here to see Jessie's one year photo shoot. It was SO cute!)

Here are a few shots of our beautiful 4 year old Sophia.  She is growing up so fast!  She seems so much older than she is.

And of course, Felipe had to do a Star Wars themed shot!

Celebration Day 4 ~  Tuesday, May 6th, 2014  ~ Sophia's 4th Birthday!

Sophia shares the same birthday with her Uncle Shawn, who lives in the USA.  We took this photo to wish him a happy birthday!

And to finalize all the celebrating we had a little ice cream party after dinner with all the children and people who live together with us at the Refuge ministry.

Sophia received lots of attention, love, and presents and truly had a wonderful birthday!
Thanks to all who helped to make Sophia's birthday so special!

Sophia is a precious gift to our family.  She makes our life much more fun and interesting.  There is never a dull moment with Sophia.  Her smile lights up the room, and her generous and kind heart makes us very proud. We are so thankful for her life, her health, and her presence in our daily lives.

 May Sophia continue to grow, become strong, be filled with wisdom, and have the grace of God upon her life. (Luke 2:40)

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  1. I am so glad that Sophia had such a fun birthday week! We miss you guys SOOOO much!