Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recent Family Photos

During this month and next, Felipe is super busy taking photos of YWAM evangelism events surrounding the World Cup games.  He has been spending many days going to various events and locations in the city, then returning home to work on photos, sitting for hours behind the computer.  Let's just say, Felipe has been a little bit occupied lately, but this season of working intensely with photography has been so good for him.  I absolutely love to see Felipe using His gift of photography for the GLORY of God!

While Felipe is busy working, I am caring for our lovely little ladies!

The first part of this year I was working lots, but during June and July I am taking it easy work-wise to really focus on my girls.   I am happy to have some low key weeks full of quality mommy-daugher time.

We have been enjoying simple pleasures like making pancakes, feeding monkeys in our backyard, decorating Easter Eggs (Sophia has an obsession, and yes I know it's way past Easter), playing with friends, watching the girls' favorite movie Frozen and some of the World Cup games, getting an ice cream and going to a nearby park, and eating one of our favorite snacks (like every other day) Brazilian cheese bread (pão de queijo).

  I am really enjoying my girls and the phases both of them are in presently.   Sophia is a thriving, energetic 4 year old and our sweet Jessie will turn 2 in a few months, so those terrific twos are looming just around the corner...

Just so you know, I do indeed deal with my fair share of tantrums, emotional outbursts, never-ending hungry hippos who constantly want snacks, and one super curious toddler who gets into absolutely EVERYTHING!  If I turn away for just one second some how, some way Jessie has found something random to make a mess with.  I am constantly cleaning. She is truly my messy Jessie, and here is the proof! 

Jessie's new favorite spot.  She uses a chair to climb her way into the bathroom sink to brush her "tee," as she calls them.

Everyone always says to enjoy these early years because it passes very quickly.  You blink and they are suddenly grown up! I can already attest to this. It seems like both my babies are growing up super fast already!
 Can I please just push the pause button?

Here are some recent family photos, which show a little of our lives here in Brazil.

Kisses and hugs for baby sister who is busy eating her icecream!

A family selfie that actually turned out.

Sophia is quite the artist and coloring queen!  Recently she wanted to write my name next to a picture she had colored of me as a ballerina. (The ballerina is wearing green because I like green!)

Sophia asked how to spell my name so I then carefully spelled aloud my name for her, telling her which letter to write next.  Here is the final result! She managed to write my name perfectly, with no help from me, remembering how to write each letter all by herself.  Honestly, I was surprised when she did this and impressed with how she is progressing with remembering her letters.  I am very proud!

When Sophia spent the night recently at her Aunt Renata's house, we went out to the park with just Jessie!

Out on a daddy-daughter date at the city park.

Lately monkeys are visiting our house on a regular basis.  We keep giving out free bananas and they keep coming back for more!

This friendly little guy is actually missing his right arm.  Look closely in the next photo and you can see where his arm should be, but is not.  Incredible!

Playing with one of the World Cup evangelism booklets. 

There are several other missionary kids who live here in YWAM and they love to play at our house, especially in this little hideout we made in the bottom section of  the wardrobe cabinets in the girls' bedroom. 

Sophia wore orange and got her face painted to support and cheer together with our Dutch friends during a Holland World Cup match!

 Sophia loves going over to our friends' home to play with friends (around her age) and jump on the trampoline!

For many of the World Cup games, the girls and I gather together with missionary friends to watch the games on TV.  All the kids play together while the grown-ups enjoy the soccer matches!

Even Jessie wanted her face painted to cheer Brazil on!  After seeing all the other kids get their faces painted, she timidly waited her turn and stood very still to get green and yellow painted on her cute little face!

Watching Brazil win!

Jessie sacked out during the game!

From time to time I really like posting our family photos here to share a bit of our lives. It is also a nice way to document what is going on in our lives personally and to be able to look back and remember the blessings.  We have MUCH to be thankful for! 

Thanks to all of you, our friends and family, for your constant love and support of us serving on the mission field.  We appreciate you more than words can express!  

Stay tuned because soon we will be sharing news about our plans to visit the USA! 
Blessings from Brazil!

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