Monday, June 2, 2014

The Visa is in My Hands!

After waiting four years and dealing with a very extensive and problematic paperwork process,
FINALLY I am actually holding, in my very own two hands, my Brazilian identity card which is the Brazilian issued document proving my permanent visa status.
Somebody pinch me because I think I could be dreaming!

I applied for my permanent visa just a few weeks after Sophia was born in 2010.  I remember holding my tiny, first born baby girl all bundled up in blankets (as it was a chilly, windy day).  I prayed she would sleep through the outting and not wake to feed as I waited in a long line at the Federal Police office.  Felipe was by my side the whole time helping me with the whole ordeal.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning of the seemingly never-ending saga of obtaining a visa that normally takes much less time to obtain.  (I wrote a little more about this here last year.)

However, TODAY, the waiting is finally over!  
Just this morning we picked up my permanent visa from the Federal Police office.  This time I held Jessie as we waited!

This is truly a victory! 
Today I am celebrating that this process is now officially over and done!

Thanks for all of you who have prayed concerning this. 
We are rejoicing that this visa is now in my hands!

Yay for permanent visas and life in Brazil!

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  1. This is SO exciting!! I saw this and it really does make my heart happy to see you holding your permanent visa. What a gift... what a journey you have been on and I love seeing how God is so prevalent in it all.