Thursday, June 19, 2014

YWAM World Cup Events - Week # 1

As I shared in my last post, Felipe is quite busy these days taking photos of various Youth With A Mission (YWAM) events connected to the World Cup.  If you haven't heard yet, the World Cup games are taking place right now in Brazil, and YWAM is using this event as opportunity to share God's love and raise awareness about human trafficking. 

Felipe has taken thousands of photos since my last post, so I wanted to at least share some of his best pics here on our own blog.

Felipe's photos are being featured in the news section of YWAM's international website ( and at YWAM Belo Horizonte's Kickoff blog which shares specifically about how YWAM is reaching out during the World Cup.  You can check out this blog at:

Enjoy seeing Felipe's photos from
Week #1 of YWAM World Cup events!

Photos snapped before the Greece and Columbia match taking place here in Belo Horizonte.
Their shirts say, "JESUS PEACE FOR THE NATIONS."

A YWAM Belo Horizonte King's Kids group presenting on the streets in front of the soccer stadium!

Police on guard to prevent rioting in downtown Belo Horizonte.

YWAM missionaries participated in a special soccer match with ladies from the city brothels, and Felipe was present to capture history in the making.  To see more photos and read more about this awesome event click HERE.

As you can see in the photos there was much love, joy and acceptance expressed towards the precious ladies.  YWAM has been working for several years ministering God's love in the red-light district of Belo Horizonte, and this day was a very special day indeed!

A few shots of people interceding and worshiping at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) prayer room which is running during the World Cup. I am really enjoying praying and worshiping here!

The Rescue ministry and a DTS team are reaching out to kids in a small slum community during the World Cup season!

The girls and I went along for this fun afternoon and Felipe caught this cute shot of Jessie.

An international team of YWAMers along with a documentary team are touring Brazil in their decorated RV.  They are traveling around to share their short documentary called "1 Real" which reveals the sad reality of sex slavery and exploitation occuring in Brazil.  Check out their site at:

The 1Real team raising awareness about human trafficking near the soccer stadium before a game.

Last night the 1Real documentary was shown here at YWAM Belo Horizonte.

If you have the time and would like to see this documentary, here it is:

Stay tuned... 
Coming soon, even more photos of the many World Cup related events and outreaches happening here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

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