Thursday, June 26, 2014

YWAM World Cup Events - Week # 2

Felipe's photos from Week #2 of the YWAM World Cup Events!

As I mentioned before, a group of YWAMers together with a documentary team were here in Belo Horizonte showing a documentary about Human Trafficking in Brazil. Check out their website at:

 One lovely evening, the team was able to show their documentary called "1 Real" at one of the most beautiful and popular squares of Belo Horizonte. Read more about this impacting night here on the YWAM Kickoff site.

Several people on the team walked around inviting people to attend a showing of "1 Real" by playing the documentary trailer on I-pads.

One of the many YWAM events surrounding the World Cup games was a special World Cup soccer tournament organized for boys from the slums. It was held at the Lighthouse Community Center.

Our friend Jonathan made this video from the film footage he captured of this event.  It is an amazing video that truly shows how much this day blessed the lives of these boys!

Last Sunday morning various churches and YWAMers united together to evangelize at Pampulha Lake, a major tourist site here in Belo Horizonte - which just happens to be located near the soccer stadium. 


Praying for the nation of Brazil!

A time of prayer among YWAM missionaries and churches before going to evangelize outside the Fan Fest venue.

This is the Fan Fest location where hundreds of fans gather to watch the World Cup games here in Belo Horizonte!

As you can see, many people recieved prayer before the Fan Fest, some even commiting their lives to Christ.  Praise the Lord!

Continue praying for these special moments of raising awareness about Human Trafficking and sharing God's amazing love during the World Cup games.  May many come to know Jesus and the true life and freedom He so generously gives!

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