Monday, July 28, 2014

August in São Paulo

We, the Matias Family, will spend strategic time in the city of São Paulo, Brazil during the whole month of August!
A photo taken in the south zone of São Paulo, the side of the city where we plan to work and live. 

Volunteering and Preparing
While in São Paulo we will be volunteering at an awesome ministry called the Sower House, a community center attending kids from the slums.  We also took a DTS outreach team there last year. Check out the Sower House site here.

I, Laura, have already agreed to work the whole month with a small group of girls (ages 11 to 14). I plan to do a program (using some material a missionary friend created) centered around raising awareness about human trafficking, as girls living in slums are often targets for this.
A photo of the girls group praying, taken during our trip to São Paulo in February.

While in São Paulo, we also will focus on preparing for our future move and ministry. If you don't know about our São Paulo plans, read more details here.

We are basically planning to start a ministry from ground zero, so we have many questions and an endless list of practical logistics we need to sort out. In order to plan and prepare well, we need to have some time in the city and in the specific area where we will live and work.

We are very excited about this opportunity to further explore São Paulo, seek for answers to our many questions, and to work nearby the community where we plan to establish a Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ministry to children at risk.  May God speak to our hearts and lead us every step of the way.  Our continual prayer during this preparatory stage is that we seek to acknowledge God in all of our ways, and that He will direct our paths (Prov. 3:6).

Very Special Visitors!
Another really cool thing that will be happening during our time in São Paulo is that four YWAM missionaries from our base, YWAM Belo Horizonte, are going to visit us there!  Three of the missionaries have already prayed and confirmed they will join our São Paulo team in the future, and the forth person is praying and considering joining our team as well.
Josie, a YWAM missionary and beloved friend of ours, who is joining our São Paulo team and will visit us for a week in São Paulo during August.  She is even coming during my birthday - so special!

Prayer Requests
Please pray for us as we travel.  São Paulo is about an 8 hour drive from our current city, Belo Horizonte.  Pray for protection, safety, and grace as we drive this coming Thursday.

Pray for our girls to adapt well, for strong health, and that we will have a wonderful time as a family.

Pray for the children and teens we will be working with at the Sower House. The kids live in slums near to the ministry location.

Pray for us as we begin to tackle logistical questions and research prices of possible housing/locations to rent (or buy) for our future ministry in São Paulo.  May God order our steps!

Pray for the four missionaries coming to visit us in São Paulo.  Two of them are single ladies and the other two missionaries are a married couple with a sweet baby boy.  May God bless their trips and speak to them about their future!

Pray for us personally.  We have been going through a challenging season lately, so we are excited about this time in São Paulo.  We have been looking forward to this trip for many months!  We know we are stepping into the purposes and plans God has for us as a family.
Sophia and Daddy in their São Paulo soccer jerseys.

Thanks for your support and prayers!  Blessings from Brazil!

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