Friday, July 18, 2014

YWAM World Cup Events in Rio!

Last weekend Felipe went to Rio de Janeiro, where the World Cup final game was held, to photograph various YWAM events.  He had an intense and rewarding weekend, taking literally thousands of photos!  Here are just a few of the many photos he snapped.

The Fan Fest Venue at Copacabana Beach during the Holland and Argentina match.

Unfortunately, it is quite common to see kids selling candy or snacks on the streets, buses or beaches to try to earn a little money.  Often times they work instead of going to school or enjoying their childhood.  Kids are sent by an adult or parent to work.  It is sad to see this as something so common here in Brazil.

Argentina fans celebrating!

A special YWAM service celebrating all the great things God did during the World Cup season.

A YWAM team from Madagascar sang and danced during the service.  They had a great band!

Everyone was invited to dance and there was much joyful celebration in the Lord!

YWAM missionaries organized a soccer tournament in a slum called Borel in Rio de Janeiro.

A King's Kids team presented between games.

The soccer tournament continued into the night.

There were YWAM teams from many different nations present in Rio de Janeiro to share the love of Jesus to the many fans gathered in the city - teams from Mexico, Argentina, USA, and Madagascar to name a few.  Here, YWAM missionaries were evangelizing before the final World Cup game of Germany versus Argentina.

The teams even had the opportunity to share the good news with several Muslims. 

As Felipe was leaving the city he captured this shot outside of the Maracana stadium.  Bye bye Rio de Janeiro!

Overall, Felipe had a great weekend, meeting many different YWAM volunteers and missionaries and documenting various ministry events surrounding a very special and historic sporting event for the nation of Brazil.  We felt very blessed that he could participate in this event, documenting some of the awesome things God is doing today!

We could not afford to pay for this trip to Rio de Janeiro, but missionary friends blessed Felipe with a special offering so he could go and take photos.  We are more than thankful for God's provision and for this opportunity to be a part of extending God's kingdom!

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