Thursday, July 3, 2014

YWAM World Cup Events - Week #3

Here are the photos from Week # 3 of YWAM's various World Cup related events and outreaches here in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil! 

These are photos from outreach events before the Brazil and Chile game, which actually occured here in Belo Horizonte last Saturday!

A FIFA official having some fun on the drums with the YWAM Belo Horizonte's King's Kids group! 

The phrase written on the sign on this church is also the theme of all the YWAM World Cup outreach activities. The sign says, "Our passion goes beyond soccer..."   Yes, our passion is Jesus Christ! 

YWAM missionaries painted the fans' faces for free, and used the opportunity to chat about human trafficking and share God's love.

The Brazilian soccer team arriving at the stadium in their special team bus. Everyone was extremely excited to see this bus! 

At a YWAM Community Center, called the Rock House, children who live in a nearby slum and a children's shelter gathered together to watch the Brazil game. 

Celebrating Brazil's win! 

World Cup fans watching the Argentina verses Switzerland game at a neighborhood restaurant.

YWAM missionaries shared free Wi-Fi as an evangelistic tool, from this device.

The Rescue ministry is working with a poor slum community during the World Cup games and here are some photos of their special Bible study night.

Please continue praying for YWAM and the various outreaches during the last week and a half of the 2014 World Cup games.  
May many come to know Jesus and encounter His love and life!

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