Thursday, September 11, 2014

Celebrating Jessie!

This past Monday our little Jessie had a birthday. She is now officially 2 years old!

I always like to make photograph filled blog posts around birthdays to document the special occasion and so I can look back and remember our girls at each birthday.  Years from now I know these posts will be so special to me.

We hope you enjoy seeing a few recent 2 year old photos of our precious Jessica Hope Matias and our family celebrating her 2nd birthday!

For a fun family date to celebrate Jessie's birthday, we went to a play center with games and a few rides!

We also celebrated Jessie's life with a small family party.  Aunt (Tia) Renata decorated the party with a character from a  popular kid's show here in Brazil called Galinha Pintadinha.  The main character is a cute blue hen and Jessie absolutely loves her!

Wardrobe change... Jessie got a new dress! 

Jessica Hope Matias

Jessie has a great sense of humor, loves music and has some pretty cool dance moves.  Jessie is a more quiet kind of girl, so she is not talking tons, but she is already saying words in both English and Portuguese.

 This little girl is naturally sweet and loving.  She loves to cuddle and give and receive kisses.  Affection is definitely a major way she gives and receives love.  It's her love language!

Jessie adores babies and animals, and gives lots of hugs to her own baby dolls and our cat Buzz.
Jessie loves her big sister Sophia and wants to do everything Sophia is doing. She really looks up to her big sis!

Jessie is a very happy girl and brings a smile to my face every day.  I love her cute dimple and her bouncing curls!

  On this 2nd birthday I truly am delighting over my precious Jessica Hope.  I feel a taste of the Father''s amazing love for her and I am overwhelmed!  I sincerely feel so blessed to be her mother, and I am looking forward to seeing her develop and change over years to come.

May Jessie continue to grow up to be a girl who brings much joy and hope (her middle name) to all she comes in contact with. She is truly a joy bringer!
May she come to know the Lord personally and intimately, and may many encounter the Lord's love and great hope shining forth through her life.  This is my prayer for our Jessie...

We love you immensely sweet Jessie!

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  1. I am so glad Jessie had a happy birthday, Laura! Beautiful pictures!