Friday, October 31, 2014

Are you talking to Jesus?

Yesterday, when I went to pick up my oldest daughter Sophia from preschool, a funny thing happened.

First, let me explain that I do not enjoy driving in Brazil.  I am still adjusting to driving a stick shift and the traffic can be crazy!  I continue to drive anyway and challenge myself to grow in this area.  Practice makes perfect, right?  I especially get nervous on hills often fearing my car will roll back and hit the car behind me.

So… yesterday, I drove to Sophia’s preschool with no drama, parallel parked successfully on the main street in front of the school, got out to get Sophia, and walked her back to our car. Then I noticed… 

In the short amount of time I was getting Sophia, someone parked REALLY close to our car and now I was wedged into a super tight space between two cars, AND I just happened to be parked on a hill. Do you remember my fear of hills because I can possibly roll back and hit the car behind me?  Well that was just what I was afraid of.

I buckled Sophia in, stepped into the driver’s seat, took a deep breath and then as I started to maneuver my way out, I began to struggle.  When I moved the car slightly backwards, the the car stalled.  I nervously restarted the car to try again. The car stalled once more.  I saw a few parents close by also picking up their kids and began to feel embarrassed.  As cars whizzed by on the main road beside us, I braced myself to try for the third time to get our car out of the tight spot.  I then blurted out, “Oh, help me.  I’m scared. I’m scared…” crying out to God for help.

At this exact moment, when I was feeling fearful, Sophia said,
“Mommy, are you talking to Jesus or to me?”

I smiled and replied, “Yes, I am talking to Jesus.”  I then had the realization of how many times I randomly pray out loud in front of Sophia.

But her question also made me realize that I am doing something right.  When I am afraid, in need, facing a challenging situation, vulnerable, and desperate for help, this is just the thing I need to do. I need to cry out to God, to be honest, to confess my fear, and to look to Him as my source of help and strength.

I want my two precious daughters to learn how important it is to do this – to cry out to God in any situation. And as I am learning every day more and more, my little people watch me, they notice, and they learn from every single, little thing that I say and do.

Yesterday was a small reminder of the great responsibility I have as a parent to teach, to model, and to live my life honestly and completely dependent on God in front of my girls. As I live a life close to my Lord, my example will teach them to live a life close to Him too.

And just so you know, after building up my courage, I did successfully get out of that tricky parking spot, and on that third try!

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  1. Laura this is so beautiful and I am so amazed by your life and story. Thank you for this. -Amanda