Saturday, October 18, 2014

Street Work in Belo Horizonte

During September and October, Felipe has taken on the task of photographing the various ministries at Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Belo Horizonte, the YWAM base we serve with.

This post is full of images Felipe captured while accompanying a team of missionaries who work with children and teens living on the streets of our city.

Even small children are among the street kids...

The street kids often breathe in a mixture of chemicals to get high.  This is the main drug you see them using on the streets.  In the past the kids used glue and paint thinner to get high, but today it is a new mixture of chemicals. 

The kids will also wet a cloth with the chemical mixture, holding it close to their mouths to breathe in to get high.

A boy from a nearby slum showed up to sell these drugs to the street kids.

The missionaries take time to talk with the kids, pray for them, and encourage them to leave the streets.  There is hope for them, but they must choose to leave this life. 

So many beautiful and precious kids are living on the streets.
There is an estimated total of about 24,000 children and teens living on the streets today in Brazil.

Please pray for the street kids in Brazil.  Many of them come from extremely poor backgrounds, have run away from home due to difficult situations, and are addicted to drugs. Pray for them to leave this lifestyle and open their hearts to a redeeming God.

Also please pray for the YWAM missionaries who are reaching out to these kids with the love and hope of Jesus Christ.  
He is mighty to save and to bring transformation to many lives!

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