Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Days!

Last week it snowed (or should I say iced?), and then today it snowed AGAIN, to everyone's surprise (even the meteorologists).  We are making the most of it, since this may be our last opportunity to see snow for many years.

We have enjoyed making snowmen, eating snowcream, playing in the snow, and and having fun as a family in the warm, cozy house where we are staying - which is located beside a loving church called Bethlehem Baptist Church (they are graciously providing our housing during our time in NC).

We are super happy that Sophia's dream of playing in snow came true!  So far she has been able to build two snowmen, make snow angels and catch snowflakes on her tongue.  We rejoice to see a desire of her heart being fulfilled during this trip.

We hope you enjoy this post of special snow photos!

Sam the snowgirl!


...And the fun will continue because tomorrow there will be even more snow!  :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Home in São Paulo!

God is opening doors for us, literally!  
Here’s the latest news - we have a home waiting for us in São Paulo, Brazil!

Sophia's drawing of our future home in São Paulo, with her dream to have a trampoline, a dog and a dog house.

We are currently stateside – which includes lots of sharing opportunities, support raising and spending precious time with dear friends and family in Christ - yet God is still moving and preparing the way for our future life in São Paulo, Brazil.  We are physically in the USA, yet God is there in Brazil opening doors for us in our future city.  God is faithfully and tenderly taking good care of us.

During this past week some missionary friends of ours, who live in São Paulo, contacted us and offered to rent out their home to us at a great price.   Our friends recently moved into a larger house and needed someone to rent their former home, so they wanted to offer it to us to rent.

Initially, we had considered living super-close to or even inside of the slum where we will be establishing a YWAM ministry to children at risk.    So, when this offer came our way we really prayed about it.  It was a different living option than what we had expected, yet we sensed God in it.  Like the Lord Himself saying, “This is the way, walk in it…”

Our future home is located about 15 minutes (by car) from Sophia’s future school and about 15 minutes from the slum community where we will work.  The house is situated at a good half-way point, right in the middle of the two places we will drive to on a daily basis. It will be an adjustment, not living where we work, but we know there are many changes and adjustments on the horizon as we discover much in the new season ahead. Most importantly, we know God is with us and He will give us continual grace and wisdom in all things.

We are rejoicing as we truly sense this house as God’s joyous provision for us, the Matias family!   We just wanted to share this good news and praise the Lord for His faithful and loving care for us.     He is so good!  He is ordering our steps, providing for us, and is continuing to confirm this new direction in our lives.
I stand amazed!

Monday, February 2, 2015

January Memories

While we are visiting the USA we, the Matias Family, are posting photos of some of the special memories we are making each month. We have already documented November and December, so now on to January!

We actually started the month at my dear sister Becky's house in Fort Mill, South Carolina, visiting her sweet family.  Jessie was quite sick and we were enjoying good, quality family time... so hardly any photos were taken.

Then, January 5th we drove up to the Raleigh area!  We are staying in a cozy guest house owned by Bethlehem Baptist Church for two months.  I wrote a little about that here!

We started the month making informational materials to distribute at our speaking opportunities.  After MANY hours of work, here are the results!

We were able to share in various settings - from two different youth groups to homeschool groups, to classes at churches.  We have more sharing opportunities coming up at various churches during the month of February! If you would like to come out and hear us share, or schedule us to share at your church, youth group, Bible Study, or small group, please email us for more info:  laura.felipe.matias@gmail.com

We have greatly enjoyed connecting with many friends, old and new, over meals or fun play dates!

It is so special for me to see my children playing with some of my best friends' children!  I love this!

I have even gotten to enjoy a few kid-free nights out!  What a treat!

During this time in Raleigh, Felipe and I both feel so renewed spiritually.  Felipe has been spending extended time reading and studying the Word - like never before (on the Kindle my mom passed on to us).  He is also enjoying reading and listening to various teachings by R. C, Sproul and John Piper.

I am also participating in a ladies Bible study at my home church Covenant Church International. I am so thankful to be able to be able to participate in a Bible study during this special season in the USA. We are doing a study by Beth Moore called "Children of the Day"  - which is an indepth study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians.  I also am enjoying using my new study Bible!

Undoubtedly, this extended trip to the USA has been the hardest on Jessie.  She is at that special age of two, so tiredness, frustrations, and fits come along with all the newness and constant changes.   She is hanging in there, but due to our ever-changing schedule, Jessie has been struggling most with her sleep.  The other day we caught this cute shot of her when in the middle of an afternoon snack she suddenly fell asleep!

January was such an encouraging and refreshing month for us as a family.  We are thoroughly enjoying our days in Raleigh, and we are looking forward to all the adventures and opportunities February has to bring us!
Sophia and Daddy making shadow puppets.