Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Days!

Last week it snowed (or should I say iced?), and then today it snowed AGAIN, to everyone's surprise (even the meteorologists).  We are making the most of it, since this may be our last opportunity to see snow for many years.

We have enjoyed making snowmen, eating snowcream, playing in the snow, and and having fun as a family in the warm, cozy house where we are staying - which is located beside a loving church called Bethlehem Baptist Church (they are graciously providing our housing during our time in NC).

We are super happy that Sophia's dream of playing in snow came true!  So far she has been able to build two snowmen, make snow angels and catch snowflakes on her tongue.  We rejoice to see a desire of her heart being fulfilled during this trip.

We hope you enjoy this post of special snow photos!

Sam the snowgirl!


...And the fun will continue because tomorrow there will be even more snow!  :-)

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