Thursday, April 2, 2015

Back in Brazil & March Memories

We are back in Brazil!  
We arrived here Tuesday morning after a pretty smooth trip with no delays or complications with our flights. Overall our girls did an awesome job traveling too! Thanks so much for praying for our trip!

Our trip, in itself, was great!  However, after our last flight we encountered two problems.  
First, we discovered one of our suitcases was lost during the trip, and it is yet to be delivered to us by the airlines. Second, once we could examine our bags, we realized several item were removed (maybe stolen) from our suitcases.  We are hoping that maybe, just maybe, these missing items will show up in the suitcase that got lost. We are waiting to see...

In the grand scheme of things, we are healthy and happy and here in one piece, so we are good and thankful to be home in Brazil!
We are staying at the Youth With a Mission base in Belo Horizonte for a quick visit and then moving to our future city, Sao Paulo, very soon. We are excited about visiting our Brazilian family this weekend and celebrating Easter together.

March Memories
To conclude our recent monthly series of memories made during our USA trip, we are sharing our last photo post of March memories today. We made many special memories during the month of March, and they are documented in some of our favorite photos below!

In the beginning of March we said goodbye to many friends living in the Raleigh area.
Sophia wanted to throw a little goodbye party at the house where we were staying with just a few friends.  Here's our group photo!

Family fun at the mall riding a choo-choo train!  Jessie loves trains!

Photos taken just before saying goodbye to dear friends!

On March 10th we traveled down to the Charleston, SC area to visit my sister Elizabeth.  We even enjoyed spending time on the beach one warm March day!

After a few days in Charleston, we returned to stay with family in York County, South Carolina.  There Sophia enjoyed an extra special "mommy-daughter-grammy-auntie date."  We went out for lunch and then saw Cinderella!


When we stayed at my sister Becky's house, we had tons of fun hanging out with her family!  We love the Shillingtons! 

We had lots of family fun on St. Patrick's day!

Making memories at Grammy and Grandpa's house dying Easter eggs! 

I had the honor of being the guest speaker at a ladies retreat at Bethesda Presbyterian.  Click here to read portions of my message.

Felipe also had the opportunity to preach at Bethesda Presbyterian one Sunday! 

My brother-in-law, Shawn, took Felipe shooting out on my Grandma Bookout's farmland.  Felipe had never shot a gun before, so it was quite the cultural experience!

A sweet moment captured when our friends came over!

Sophia threw a spontaneous birthday party for her kitty! 

Jessie enjoyed snuggling lots with Grandpa in his big chair! 

Easter Egg Hunting!

To close, we would like to wish you a very happy Easter! 
May God bless you this Easter as you celebrate God's immense love expressed through Jesus' sacrifice and victory!   

With love,
Laura, Felipe, Sophia, & Jessie Matias

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