Friday, May 22, 2015

What We've Been Up To....

Singing songs,
 playing the guitar, 
playing games,
 making arts and crafts, 
giving hugs,
and just being present and attentive to a bunch of kids
who live in a Sao Paulo slum...
 This is what Felipe and I have been up to lately.

Some boys doing the motions to a song about Jesus being GOOD!

A coloring sheet Felipe drew for a Bible study about Hannah as she prayed for a son (Samuel).

For the rest of 2015 we are volunteering at a ministry called the Sower House, a ministry of a missions organization called ABBA Brasil.  We are helping out in this ministry until we can establish/plant a YWAM ministry which will be located in another slum close by. Members of our YWAM ministry team will be arriving in January 2016, so until then we are doing preparatory work for the future, while also serving at the Sower House.

Working directly with kids again has been so refreshing!
Both of us have missed doing what we passionately love and feel so fulfilled doing - working with children living in at-risk situations.  We are called to do this!

Just this week I led two fun times of praise and worship with some of the younger children at the Sower House. As I stood before the kids, with their beautiful, eager faces full of smiles, I could feel the delight and tender love of the Lord as they sang their hearts out to Him. 
How He loves them!

Sophia helping me lead a song about the Love of God!

After our time of worship, I talked about the great love of God and how through the Holy Spirit, God pours His love into our hearts, teaching from Romans 5:5.   I led a quick brainstorming activity with the kids, thinking together about all the ways God pours out and shows us His love to us, and then we made a little craft.  It was a fun time!

From now until the end of the year, I will be leading music and craft times like this as much as possible with these precious little ones!

Another moment, which has been especially impacting, is the Tuesday morning prayer times I have participated in during the teenage girls group called "Super Woman."  I also worked with this group last August (click here to read more).

Every Tuesday, the girls gather around a table and openly share personal prayer requests, which are like windows into their souls.  I can see glipses of their harsh realities, and the longing for love they so desperately crave.

 God is growing a burden in my heart for these teenage girls and also for the younger girls, who will very soon grow into teens.

The end of innocence comes way too quickly in the slum.
Childhood is over in a blink of an eye.
For the younger ones, I want better for them.
I pray that even in the midst of unfortunate circumstances, these precious ones will encounter Love Himself, and therefore avoid the heartache and pain from poor choices.

A photo taken by the ABBA team.  This is the slum where most of the kids who participate at the Sower House ministry live.

Please pray for the children and teens living in this Sao Paulo slum, where we are currently serving alongside the Sower House team.

Please pray for:

1. The kids to know the Lord intimately and to follow Him all the days of their lives.

2. Upcoming extended weekend-long camps taking place in July.   These camps are excellent opportunities for the kids to learn and grow in God.

3. The ministry of the Sower House, as they need more volunteers and staff to reach out to this slum area.  There are more than 40 children on the waiting list to participate at the project.

4. Our future team and the many preparations for establishing a project in the next slum over from the Sower House.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our work.  
May God's Kingdom and will be done in the slums of São Paulo!

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