Sunday, June 21, 2015

10 Reasons We Love Daddy!

10. I love my Daddy because he likes spending time with me and takes me on special daddy-daughter dates.   - Sophia

9. We love our Daddy because he makes us laugh by making silly faces and funny sounds.
- Sophia & Jessie

8.  I love my Daddy because he sits with me and rubs my back when I have trouble falling asleep at night, AND if I wake up in the middle of the night and I am really having trouble sleeping, he lets me sleep in the bed with him and mommy.   - Jessie

7. We love Daddy because he reads the Bible to us and is a good story teller.
- Sophia & Jessie

6.  I love how Daddy and I cheer for the Sao Paulo Futebol (soccer) team together.
- Sophia

5. I love to hear my Daddy sing the song, "Love is an Open Door!"
- Jessie      (Felipe and Jessie sing an adorable duet to this song!)

4. I love how my Daddy is smart, and he's good at fixing things.
- Sophia

3. I love my Daddy because he takes time to  play with me and be with me.  
- Jessie

2. I love my Daddy because he's my best bunny!   - Sophia
This is an inside joke in our family.  For a long time Sophia thought that in the movie Frozen, Anna sings "we used to be best bunnies,"  when actually she sings "we used to be best buddies..."  Sophia and Felipe always joke saying they are "best bunnies" now.  It's so cute!

1. We love Daddy because he's a SUPER Daddy and the BEST Daddy ever!  - Sophia & Jessie


Written by Sophia and Jessie (with mommy's help) in honor of  the American Father's Day! 
Brazilian Father's Day comes in August, so we always end up celebrating a little bit on both dates.

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