Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Giving it 100!

First of all,  I just want to say that I really debated whether I should post this or not.
Then I decided to go for it!

  This blog is a means for us to share about our work and our lives as a family on the mission field, and the condition of our health is a big part of our lives. God desires that we honor Him through taking care of ourselves physically, and through having healthy and strong bodies so that we can physically GO and fulfill the things He is calling us to do.  So, with that being said, read on to hear about my current personal health challenge.

A few months back, I saw an online challenge about trying to do something for 100 days, whether it be learning to dance, mastering a new skill, or even attempting to lose weight.  The aim is to commit to doing one thing for 100 days.  Click here to read more.

I was inspired by this challenge, and especially by a mother/daughter pair who were attempting to lose weight together by ”Giving it 100” (you can see their videos on the Give it 100 site).

So now, I am officially doing the same as these inspiring ladies. I decided to give it 100 too!

On April 25th I started my 100 day journey of having a more healthy lifestyle by making healthier choices.  I am focusing on eating more whole and healthy foods and exercising more faithfully.  

A site called My Fitness Pal is helping me tons with counting calories and keeping track of exercise and diet.  I also have an accountability partner cheering me on - my very dear and close friend Kelly who worked with me for many years in Belo Horizonte.  Kelly is giving me lots of health tips and encouragement, and her accountability makes a world of difference! Accountability partners are awesome! I love having these two elements helping me and cheering me on during this personal journey/challenge of mine.  

The main exercise program I am using is Focus T25 because of the time factor.  I bought Focus T25 in the USA before returning to Brazil thinking it could be a good at-home exercise option for me.  I can simply pop in a DVD and each workout session is only 25 minutes - and there is even a lady doing low-impact modifications if the specific exercise seems too challenging for my fitness level.

 This is perfect for me as a busy mom. It's just 25 minutes, which is very realistic with all I have to do.  I am also trying to squeeze in some walking when I can.

As you can see, sometimes Jessie likes to join me. However sometimes, depending on her mood, she also likes to cry desperately because she wants "Mama" and can totally prevent and stop my workout. Mom life! :-)

So far, exercising and eating more healthy is going pretty well.  I am already seeing some results and I love the way I feel after I do a workout. It is such a great feeling to workout hard, and I am always so proud of myself when I actually get the workout done!

On a few special occasions/weekends I have eaten more special treats and meals, but overall I am happy with how this health journey is going so far.   I have had my hard days where I don't feel like exercising or I want to run to the store to buy some chocolate, but I am trying to persevere and stay strong.  I know I have lots to learn still in the area of eating and cooking more healthy, and being more fit.

 My plan is to faithfully commit to this health journey for at least 100 days, and I will most likely continue afterwards. I started April 25th, so I hit day 100 on August 2nd.

My motivation behind all of this is an excellent one! 
Towards the end of this year/beginning of next year, we hope to try to get pregnant again.
  I am trying my best to prepare my body for this next future pregnancy.

 Due to some health issues I really have to take care of myself during pregnancy, so my aim is to already prepare myself for this upcoming pregnancy season.  Also I know that after baby #3 is born, life will be extremely crazy and sleep deprived. It is important for me to take care of my health NOW as best as I can so that I will have energy and strength as a mommy to a newborn.

After a crazy five-month-long season of traveling in the USA (from November to March), and eating LOTS of special meals and delicious treats (and gaining some unwanted extra pounds), I am happy to get back on track and focus on being more healthy.

I am excited see where this journey of "Giving it 100" will take me...

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