Thursday, July 23, 2015

Camp Month!

July has officially been "camp month" for us, and we have enjoyed our camp experiences!

During this month we have been extremely busy helping out with preparations for and staffing two different multiple day/overnight camps for the kids and teens who participate at a ministry called the Sower House - or in Portuguese "Casa Semear." 

The Sower House is a ministry that reaches out to children and teens living in a Sao Paulo slum. We are serving at the Sower House for the rest of 2015, and then we will transition into starting a ministry similar to this one in a nearby slum area.

The schools in Brazil take a short winter break during the month of July so the Sower House always hosts two special camps during the winter school vacation, one camp for the teenagers and one camp for the children (ages 9 to 12). 
Leading a time of praise and worship with the teens.
The theme of both camps was the book of Jonah.  Each day of camp we focused on teaching biblical principles from a different chapter of the book.  The nightly worship services, morning devotional times, and many of the camp games were also centered around Biblical principles from the story of Jonah.  By the end of camp, all the kids had a good understanding of this powerful Bible story.

Both camps were held at beautiful camping areas outside of the city (with excellent facilities) so that the children could enjoy a few days in nature and have a full camp experience.  Our girls especially loved swimming and playing outdoors.  Sophia even participated in some of the more challenging camp games.

Below are a few photos from each camp.  Enjoy seeing how these precious kids' lives were impacted and blessed through our fun time at camp!

The Camp for the Sower House Kids

A funny game we played at the kids' camp. Felipe was dressed as a mummy and scaring everyone!

The Camp for the Sower House Teenagers

Surrendering sins to the Lord by burning them in the campfire.

The last night of camp there was a scary zombie game!  Felipe rocked as a zombie! 

To see even more photos of these camps, check out the Sower House blog here!
Coming soon, a story from the teen camp!

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