Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 30th, 2015 ~ Our Day in Photos

I always enjoy doing photo posts on our blog as a way to share about our life here in Brazil.
We hope you enjoy seeing moments from our day yesterday!
Breakfast time!
I brought back a nice supply of pancake syrup from the USA, so the girls have been enjoying pancakes lots lately.

Loaded up and heading out to work at the Sower House ministry, where we are volunteering during this season. Here is a shot just outside our house on our street. 

As the kids arrive at the Sower House they eat breakfast before the Bible study sessions begin.

Here is a photo of a teenage girl who has participated at the Sower House for several years. She lives in a slum area close to the ministry and is soon due to have a baby boy.  Please be in prayer for her as she enters into this new season of life as a single teenage mom. 

Felipe worked together with the leader of the ministry (Robert) in the teenage boys' group.

I worked with the teenage girls' group along with Robert's wife, Silvana. I usually help out some with this group on Tuesday mornings, as Jessie and Sophia enjoy playing with toys in the classroom.

 After our Bible study time, the girls were making creative prayer books, finding and cutting out images to represent things they are thankful for and also for prayer requests they have.

Something beautiful that is being cultivated in these precious girls is the importance and power of prayer.

Just after the morning ministry session, a hungry fit got the best of our Sophia, so we packed up quickly and headed home for lunch.

Sometimes Sophia has so much fun playing she does not want to stop to have a snack, even though she really needs to eat something.  She had a little temper tantrum after getting disappointed about something and was crying uncontrollably.  Crying fits are a part of our reality with kids. Soon after this photo was snapped Sophia returned back to her normal happy-self, after eating a pack of crackers during the drive home.  She actually even laughed about this photo later. :-)

 Home Sweet Home! 
The stairway leading up to our house. 

Jessie played in some wooden crates while I was making our lunch. 

Goodbye kiss!  Felipe was heading back out to the Sower House for an afternoon meeting, and ministry time with the kids.
Tuesdays and Fridays are our busiest days, where Felipe spends almost all day at the Sower House. The girls and I spend half the day at the ministry, and the other half at home.

Back at the Sower Ministry the teenagers came for a special meeting around 2:00 to find out who would be participating in a special four day camp coming up soon. 

With permission slips in hand, reading the details about the upcoming camp, the kids began to walk home. 

Yesterday there was a power outage at the Sower House, so Felipe and the team had their meeting in the dark, by flashlight.  They were preparing for the upcoming camps that the ministry will be hosting.

 Please be in prayer for us as we take the kids on these overnight camping trips.  We hope it will be an extremely special time where God will do great things in the lives of the children.

Yesterday Felipe led a Bible study time with the group of kids I work with every Thursday afternoon.  Aren't they sweet? This is the youngest group of kids (6,7&8 years old) participating at the ministry.  I love their smiles! 

While Felipe was busy at the ministry, I was home with my girls, and I captured a few photos on my phone.

The first level of where we live is one house where a dear lady and her daughter live.  We live in a separate house on top of her house. We share an entrance area and garage.  In the garage our sweet neighbor runs a little neighborhood shop full of treats, cleaning supplies, and various items.  It is very handy for me because I can buy useful items by just running downstairs to her store.

Our girls love visiting our neighbor in her store.  Sophia and Jessie are already lovingly calling our neighbor "Grandma Val" or in Portuguese "Vovó Val."  Yesterday Sophia played with Val's granddaughter, who is also the daughter of our friends (Robert and Silvana) who lead the Sower House.

Playing with sidewalk chalk in front of our house.

In the late afternoon we walked down the street to play in a little neighborhood park. When we go there I always try to get some exercise in by walking around the playground area while the girls play.

Upon arrival at home I decided to give early baths to my girls. 

Last night's yummy dinner- chicken strogonoff, a favorite here in Brazil.  My girls love this meal!   

The power was still out at the Sower House as they were concluding the afternoon ministry session.  They made announcements and had a snack by flashlights and lanterns.

Felipe's night drive home after work - bumper to bumper traffic.  The traffic is no joke here in São Paulo.

Meanwhile, my hungry girls were enjoying a fun dinner by candlelight on our back patio area. Soon afterwards Felipe arrived home.

We then read stories and said our prayers before bedtime. 
Last night Sophia and I were discussing some things from a book she recently got as a gift from a church we visited.  The book talks about following Jesus, making good choices, and seeking to please God with our lives.  We had some nice conversations last night.

We hope you enjoyed some highlights from our day yesterday!
Again, please be in prayer for us as we help out with upcoming camps with the kids who participate at the Sower House ministry.  This Friday through Sunday we will be working a weekend camp with a group of about 30 kids ages 9-12.  Please pray we would have a fruitful and fun weekend! 

 Stay tuned... Photos of the weekend camp are coming soon here on the blog! 


  1. Love the pictures! As they say: "A picture is worth a thousand words." Keep on keeping on, Laura.

  2. Thank you for sharing!!! I you guys are a beautiful family. :)