Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mighty to Save!

My favorite memory from a recent camp we helped staff, was during our nightly worship service...

It was the very first night of camp, and we gathered together seated in a circle. After Felipe shared with the teens teaching from the book of Jonah, I pulled out my guitar and led a brief time of singing songs of worship and thanksgiving to the Lord.

I encouraged the kids to take seriously our special time of worship, to participate and engage in this moment personally with God.  We even handed out the lyrics of the songs so that each one could follow along, through singing and meditating on the words of each song.

As we began to sing together, there was a reverence and a sense of expectation in the air. The sound of sweet voices singing praise to God filled the soccer court where we were meeting.  My heart especially swelled with love for these teens as we sang the song, Mighty to Save, in Portuguese.

This specific song captures well my prayer and declaration of who God is for these teens. Many of these precious ones come from difficult home situations and the harsh reality of living life in a slum.

As the song so powerfully proclaims,  
"Our God is mighty to save!" and "He can move the mountains!"
 He is the God of the impossible and can powerfully bring transformation to our hearts and lives in a blink of an eye.  Anything is possible with Him!

I sang out the song boldly, praying and proclaiming truths from God's word over them, over me, over all of us. We are ALL desperately in need of God's compassion, love, forgiveness, and hope.

Declaring salvation and the life changing message of Jesus' death and resurrection, I sang with all my heart, and these teens lifted their voices up and sang along too.
 It was a special moment!

The morning after arriving home from camp, one of teenage girls who went to the camp posted this on facebook: 

"I am so annoyed...
 It is terrible to come home from a trip so beautiful, and come face to face with reality...  
To come back from a place where there was only joy, fun, peace, tranquility, and to be connected with our Father...
To arrive home to see that here everything is so different - cursing early in the morning, fights, arguments, and all that is unpleasant.  Oh God,  HELP.  - Feeling like living at camp."

This girl also personally shared with another missionary at the Sower ministry that during the time at camp she felt such a strong connection with God. She felt Him so close, so near to her.

Hearing testimonies of how God used the camp in her life brought such joy to my heart! God is working in this girl's life in a beautiful way. He is drawing her to Himself more and more.  She is tasting and seeing that HE is a GOOD Father!

Yet, my heart is also burdened for the reality she faces on a daily basis.
 the sad reality that all the kids in the slum face continually.  

So this serves as another reminder of WHY we are here doing what we are doing.
There is hope for these children and their families, living in the slums of Brazil.
  Jesus is mighty to save!
He can move the mountains and bring change!

We are here to share this message and to show the the way to the Father through Jesus Christ!

May the revelation of God's LOVE breakthrough,
His KINDNESS lead to repentance,
 and SALVATION come to the slums of Brazil!
He is MIGHTY to save!

"The LORD your God is with you,
He is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with His love,
He will rejoice over you with singing."
Zep. 3:17

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