Monday, August 31, 2015

"Our Month"

August is a special month!
 For Felipe and I,  it is "Our Month," so to speak...
During the month of August we celebrate our wedding anniversary and also both our birthdays.

Today I am documenting here some photos we took while celebrating our six years of marriage and also the many years of life God has blessed us both with!
Felipe made us matching t-shirts with our favorite wedding photo in honor of our anniversary!

We were blessed with a date night on our anniversary!
Our sweet neighbors watched our girls so we could go out for dinner. Surprisingly, we ended up eating at the fanciest restaurant we have both ever been to!

Felipe really wanted to try this one certain restaurant he had researched online, but we did not know the restaurant was so fancy.  Once we arrived and were seated at our table we even debated if we should leave or not (and go somewhere cheaper), but in the end we decided to stay and enjoy.  We had never eaten at such a place, and this was the perfect occassion to celebrate us and do so.

 We ended up having an extremely special and memorable anniversary date.  It was the perfect evening with great food, a lovely atmosphere, and focused quality time together.  We spent hours in that fancy restaurant and enjoyed every minute!

I even got dessert! 

During our date we took a silly photo, just like a photo we took during our engagement days.
 Here's the result! :-)

A week after our anniversary we celebrated my birthday, which happened to be on the same day as the annual back-to-school picnic at Sophia's new school.
Once we got home from a fun day out, we made birthday brownies, placing candles on each individual brownie.  The girls loved this!  They love celebrating birthdays!

Then, this past weekend we celebrated Felipe's birthday!
The girls, the cat, and I made a silly video as a present for Felipe's birthday. If you want to watch our silliness, here it is!  It is basically just us dancing around, singing and laughing LOTS.

This video was actually made in response to an outrageously funny and ridiculous surprise video Felipe made for me for our wedding anniversary, but I won't be sharing that video here.

The girls and I had a blast making this, although Sophia bumped her head pretty badly in the middle of filming. We only realized afterwards.  She is our strong girl!

Our girls adore Felipe, and they are extremely blessed to have such a fun, present, and loving father.
Felipe is LOVED!

We praise the Lord for one more year of life, and one more year of marriage.  God, in His faithfulness and love, has done many things in our lives personally this past year and is continuing to teach and grow us individually and as a couple.

As we both look back on this past year, we recognize the many challenges, changes, and transitions we have been through, and that has not always been easy.  We have been pushed past our limits many times, but the challenges always bring us closer to the One who never changes, and for this we are thankful.

 He is leading us on this adventure and journey, and we look forward to the next year to come,
We give Him all the praise, honor, and glory!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of our celebration memories made during "Our Month" of August!

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